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Jenoptik receives supplier award in China

The Lasers & Material Processing division of Jenoptik received the “Yanfeng Supplier Quality Award”. The Chinese automotive supplier rewarded the excellent delivery quality and reliability of Jenoptik.

In an official ceremony in mid-March Jenoptik received the “Yanfeng Supplier Quality Award” from its Chinese customer Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems Co., Ltd. (YF). The award recognizes the delivery reliability and quality of the delivered high-tech machines as well as the longstanding good cooperation of both companies.

As China’s largest automotive supplier, YF is specialized in the manufacturing of dashboards for cars and uses Jenoptik laser systems to create so-called predetermined breaking points for airbags. Since 2002, YF had already purchased several large laser systems of the JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A series from Jenoptik. At the end of 2013, Jenoptik delivered the worldwide 200th laser system of this type to the Chinese partner.

With these laser systems so-called predetermined breaking points are created by laser perforation in airbag flaps. On the back of the material the laser generates a tear line along the desired shape of the airbag flap. A specially developed sensor system prevents the laser from completely severing the material. However, the perforation line weakens the material in a way that allows the airbag to break through this line and open up during a collision.

Patented laser perforation process

The JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A laser perforating system is suitable for the manufacture of concealed predetermined breaking points for passenger and knee airbags in car dashboards. The system is capable of processing single or multi-layer materials and decorative layers made from plastic, textiles or leather, working quickly and reliably. Customer-specific solutions allow for flexible processing of airbag covers: the type of perforation holes, their spacing and the shape of the perforated line are variable and can be adjusted according to the type of material being used.

About Jenoptik and the Lasers & Materials Processing division

As an integrated photonics group, Jenoptik operates in five divisions: Lasers & Material Processing, Optical Systems, Industrial Metrology, Traffic Solutions and Defense & Civil Systems.

With its Lasers & Material Processing division, Jenoptik is one of the leading providers of laser technology and provides products and solutions along the entire value-added chain of laser material processing – from components up to complete laser systems. In the Lasers business unit, the company has specialized in high-quality semiconductor lasers, reliable diode lasers as modules or systems as well as innovative solid-state lasers such as disk and fiber lasers. This product portfolio makes Jenoptik the ideal partner for the entire pulse width range, from cw to fs. In the field of high-power diode lasers, the company is acknowledged as a worldwide quality leader.

In the Laser Processing Systems business unit, Jenoptik develops and manufactures laser machines which are integrated into its customers’ production lines as a part of their process optimization and automation. They serve for the processing of plastics and metals. Jenoptik laser systems ensure processing at maximum efficiency, precision and safety. In addition, customers can try out various laser sources and machines at the Application Centers, thus finding the optimal solution for their application. The product portfolio is rounded off with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly exhaust cleaning systems for residue-free removal of pollutants during laser processing and other industrial processes.

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