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Jenoptik delivers 200th radome for Eurofighter Typhoon

Since 2002, Jenoptik has manufactured the protective dome for the Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft in series for the customer BAE Systems.

Radome manufacturing
The Jenoptik Defense & Civil Systems division has set a milestone in its radome production with the 200th delivery for the Eurofighter Typhoon. The protective dome was delivered from the Jenoptik site in Wedel, near Hamburg, to the customer BAE Systems in Great Britain, representing the multi-national Eurofighter consortium.

The 2.30 meter long radome is made from fiber-glass-reinforced plastic and forms the tip of the aircraft. It acts as a cover for the sensitive radar system behind it and undergoes radar-electrical optimization so that the radar signals can be received and transmitted without distortion.

The Jenoptik Defense & Civil Systems division is the consortium leader for the development and manufacture of the Eurofighter Typhoon radome. The fiber glass-reinforced plastic unit is produced at the division’s main site in Wedel and delivered to the Eurofighter final assembly lines in Great Britain, Spain, Italy or Germany after final radar-electrical measurement.

In addition to manufacturing the radomes for the Eurofighter Typhoon, Jenoptik also manufactures weather radomes such as the ones for the NH90 transport helicopter, and provides service for AWACS rotodomes as the only licensed partner worldwide.

About Jenoptik and the Defense & Civil Systems division

As an integrated photonics group, Jenoptik operates in the five divisions Lasers & Material Processing, Optical Systems, Industrial Metrology, Traffic Solutions and Defense & Civil Systems.

The Defense & Civil Systems division develops, produces and distributes mechatronic and sensor systems for civil and military applications. The portfolio ranges from individual assemblies, which customers then integrate into their systems, through to complete systems and end products. The division’s areas of competence are energy systems, optical sensor systems, stabilization systems, aviation subsystems as well as radomes & composites. Top-quality customer service ensures that the products are supported over their useful lives, which generally extend over many years.

The mechatronic products are used in drive, stabilization and energy systems for military and civil vehicle, rail and aircraft equipment. The competencies also extend across the technical focus areas of software development, metrology and control systems. The sensor systems include infrared camera systems and laser rangefinders and are primarily used in automation technology, environmental metrology, security technology and military reconnaissance. The division’s competencies also extend across the technical focus areas of software development, metrology and control systems.