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Jenoptik to present innovative production metrology at Control

The Jenoptik Automotive division is to present several new products in the field of optical, tactile and pneumatic metrology at Control 2016 in Stuttgart, with particular focus on showcasing high-quality solutions for quality assurance in the production environment.

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Under the slogan "Welcome to the Jenoptik Metrology Arena" the Jenoptik Automotive division will be unveiling new products and developments in the field of industrial metrology. Among these new products are two new pieces of software for use in optical shaft measuring technology and on fully automatic CNC measuring stations for roughness and contour measurement. Moreover, Jenoptik will also be showcasing new products for optical surface inspection for quality assurance in the automotive industry.

Visit us at Control in Stuttgart from April 26 to 29, 2016 in hall 3, stand 3501. At the trade fair, Jenoptik will also present its latest microscope cameras PROGRES GRYPHAX® ARKTUR and NAOS.

New measuring and evaluation software: Hommel-Etamic TOLARIS optic

The Jenoptik Automotive division is to present its new Hommel-Etamic TOLARIS optic measuring and evaluation software for its optical shaft measuring technology at this year's Control trade fair in Stuttgart. With its proven OPTICLINE product range, the Jenoptik Automotive division is the market leader in this sector. Jenoptik already presented its new generation of the Hommel-Etamic C-series from the OPTICLINE range last year, a machine that boasts improved performance data, an enhanced range of functions and simplified machine controls, among other benefits. This time round, it's the turn of the new software:

"Following the trend toward simplification and reduced complexity, when it came to developing the new TOLARIS optic software, we focused even more on satisfying user requirements with factors such as handling and interface layout (GUI)," says Roland Riechert, deputy head of the division and Vice President Sales, Marketing and Service for the Automotive division at Jenoptik. The user interface is very tidy and user friendly. Toolbars, for instance, automatically adapt to the user's current requirements. By offering this functionality, the new TOLARIS optic software allows even inexperienced users to create test plans in an intuitive and therefore quick and comprehensible process. An integrated wizard for creating test plans and test characteristics as well as an import function for CAD (dxf and dfd) are now also included in the software.

Other highlights of the software include:

  • Live mode: the fastest combination of processes to create a test plan and determine results. The immediate visual and metrological feedback makes it easy to create even complex test characteristics and avoids errors.
  • An improved analysis function: clearly documented results and detailed displays reduce the measuring and analysis time. This increases efficiency and saves resources.
  • Steps to scan and map contours in various angular positions and provide a multi-image display of value charts can now be completed very quickly.

Moreover, Jenoptik has once again extended the range of test characteristics that can be used for the optical and tactile measurement of shaft-shaped workpieces. This range now includes options for determining the degree of perpendicularity, flatness, crowning and conicity, among others.

New Hommel-Etamic EVOVIS 2.0 software for CNC-controlled program sequences

With the fully automated roughness and contour measurement system Hommel-Etamic wavemove, the Jenoptik Automotive division is the market leader in the field of production-related quality control in the production of cylinder blocks, cylinder heads and crank shafts. To complement this system, Jenoptik is now presenting its new, optimized Hommel-Etamic EVOVIS 2.0 software at Control 2016. With key features for CNC-controlled program sequences, the range of available functions has been expanded and the user controls made even simpler.

"Automated interface functions for exporting statistical data and recognizing workpieces and workpiece carriers, as well as a Profibus interface for integrating the measuring system into the production environment, supplement the range of potential applications for automated measurement directly on the production line," says Roland Riechert.

Experience a live demonstration directly at the Jenoptik exhibition stand in hall 3, stand 3501.

Preventing pseudo flaws with Hommel-Etamic IPS F400

Jenoptik has specially developed the Hommel-Etamic IPS F400 plane face inspection system for testing the plane faces on engine blocks, cylinder head gasket surfaces and valve plates in automatic gearboxes. The system uses state-of-the-art camera technology to reliably detect typical flaws. Innovative lighting and 2.5D camera technology is used to differentiate between drying edges or blotches and genuine raised areas or indentations on the surface, thereby achieving a very low pseudo flaw rate.

"Dynamic masking" is also used to determine edges in a flexible and reliable process. This results in a robust system capable of detecting flaws on complex components – both on surfaces and near edges. The high scan rate also allows short inspection times. The Hommel-Etamic IPS F400 can be integrated into linked production lines, enabling all aspects of components to be checked during production in a reliable and fully automatic process with no intervention from the operator – for optimum quality assurance and process reliability in the field of engine and gear production.

New Hommel-Etamic CCS C100 measures highly precise, undercut micro-structures in engine cylinders

The Hommel-Etamic CCS C100 is the newly developed solution for deployment in the production environment that can now be used to measure undercut groove structures in a quick process and with a high level of precision. To achieve this, the engineers at Jenoptik developed a special optical system with highly accurate movement axes and the maximum possible resolution for measuring the smallest structures. This system can then be used to produce fully automatic measuring sequences. This innovative system is used to assure quality in the thermal coating of aluminum engine blocks. Due to its high measurement speed, the robust measuring technology can also be integrated into linked production lines.

Photos and further details can be found in the Jenoptik image database in the Control 2016 gallery.

Picture: A Jenoptik employee at a metrology work station. © Jeibmann Photographik

About Jenoptik and the Automotive division

Jenoptik is an integrated photonics group operating through five divisions: Optical Systems, Healthcare & Industry, Automotive, Traffic Solutions and Defense & Civil Systems.

With its Automotive division, Jenoptik is one of the leading manufacturers of metrology and laser equipment for production process in the automotive industry. The company's portfolio in the field of metrology includes highly precise contact and non-contact industrial metrology solutions for the pneumatic, tactile or optical inspection of roughness, contours and form as well as determining dimensions in every phase of the production process or in the measuring room. An extensive range of services such as consulting, training and servicing, including long-term maintenance contracts, rounds off the metrology range.

In the laser processing sector, Jenoptik develops 3D laser machines that are integrated into customers' production lines as part of process optimization and automation work. These machines are used to process polymers, metals and leather with maximum efficiency, precision and safety. The product portfolio is completed with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly exhaust air purification systems for the removal of pollutants generated during laser material processing and other industrial processes.


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