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LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA: Maximum efficiency and quality with productive solutions from Jenoptik

Jenoptik, the Germany-based integrated photonics group, will be showcasing its new solutions and latest technological developments for laser material processing at this year’s LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA. Visit Jenoptik in Shanghai at booth 1416 in hall N1 from March 14 to 16, 2017.

Jenoptik at LASER World of Photonics exhibition

Laser technology has become an integral part in today’s industrial world and with regard to the megatrend “Industry 4.0” it is becoming attractive to ever-increasing numbers of manufacturing companies. Thus, customized, high-quality solutions are essential to ensure the high degree of precision in applications and efficiency in manufacturing processes. At this year’s LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA, Jenoptik will be unveiling powerful technologies and OEM systems, which are intelligently combined to enable the development and production of the next generation of industrial application solutions in laser material processing. These include efficient light sources, optical components as well as high precision optics for beam shaping and delivery for use in automotive and medical technology, semiconductor manufacturing or microelectronics.

Jenoptik will be showcasing its industrial solutions at booth 1416 in hall N1 at LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA in Shanghai, China, from March 14 to 16, 2017.

Efficient material processing with powerful beam sources

For industrial applications, like welding of plastics and metals, Jenoptik will be showcasing its new solutions such as powerful CW laser bars, which form the basis of next-generation laser material processing. These beam sources are used to provide additional wavelength for power scaling in direct diode systems or as optical pumping sources for fiber and solid-state lasers. The customers’ key advantages will be an impressive beam quality, extremely high electro-optical efficiency as well as outstanding brilliance. Industrial applications aside, these beam sources are also used in the fields of aesthetics and dermatology in medical devices for epilation and to treat wrinkles, acne, and pain, as well as to remove pigmentation.

Maximum quality results thanks to ultra-short pulse lasers

Ultra-short pulse lasers, such as Jenoptik’s JenLas® femto and JenLas® pico series, are important tools for micromachining meeting maximum quality requirements. Their accuracy and reliability combined with excellent beam characteristics ensure optimal results in cutting, drilling and structuring of industrial and medical applications, even with thermal-sensitive and brittle materials.

High-power lasers such as JenLas® pico 16 are also especially suitable for black marking applications in the medical technology industry, in particular for the labeling of medical devices such as surgical instruments or implants. These lasers ensure high-contrast marking such as serial numbers and bar codes according to the Unique Device Identification Standard (UDI). This marking is highly resistant to corrosion, extremely hard-wearing and remains legible permanently, even after repeated sterilization processes. In addition to marking processes, Jenoptik’s picosecond lasers are also highly suitable for applications in semiconductor and consumer industries, such as selective thin film ablation or the precise cutting of lenses and smartphone screens.

As a supplement to its efficient laser solutions, Jenoptik will also be showcasing a modular plug-and-play concept for optical beam path. A galvo scanner for beam deflection aside, this also includes all the necessary optical components required to make the solution compatible with customer-specific applications. The result is a full solution for micromachining and marking applications in combination with Jenoptik’s efficient laser technologies.

Customers will also benefit from a broad technology portfolio with maximum flexibility. Jenoptik does not only offer important laser technologies in material processing, but it also provides tailor-made and customized solutions thanks to its expertise in design, production and implementation in optics. The intelligent combination of light sources and optical components results in individual solutions to best meet customers’ needs.

Excellent optical performance with new F-theta objective lenses

Specially designed for precise applications, Jenoptik will display its new fused silica lens, the F-theta JENarTM SilverlineTM 170-355-140 with a maximum telecentric angle of just 4.9 degrees and a highly homogeneous spot size distribution across the whole of the 100 x 100 mm work area. This large processing area, in combination with the diffraction-limited image quality, allows for increased throughput in comparison with standard lenses available on the market. Its use with high-powered lasers and ultra-short pulses is also possible, due to the high damage threshold of the lens assured by the quartz material and optimized coating.

With the new F-theta lenses, Jenoptik provides improved production stability for its customers in current and new fields of deployment. Jenoptik ensures the level of precision necessary here by means of the high-quality optics employed, a new patented mounting technology and 100% post-production testing of all lenses.

Great reliability with compact beam expanders

Jenoptik’s beam expanders have also been redesigned. The first new continuously variable beam expander BEX 1x–4x steadfast similarly meets the changed requirements with regard to precision for laser material processing. Its innovative mechanical design ensures high reproducibility of lens settings as well as the extreme stability of its settings against shock and vibration. This facilitates simple but safe handling by the user. Diffraction-limited performance across the entire expansion range is standard. This highly robust beam expander achieves a beam stability of less than one milliradian.

In the course of 2017, Jenoptik also intends to launch an additional 1x-8x beam expander in a full quartz version. It will have a large input diameter of at least nine millimeters and is also designed to have a high degree of beam stability.

Visit Jenoptik’s presentations

For an overview and more information about Jenoptik’s new solutions for laser material processing, visit the following presentations at the International Laser Processing and Systems Conference 2017 (LPC) as part of LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA 2017:

Title: Picosecond laser based black marking for medical instruments and devices
Speaker: Klaus Stolberg | Healthcare & Industry unit
Date: March 15, 2017 at 13.55 pm
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre Room N4-M45

Title: Microoptical solutions to make laser light a better tool for processing, inspecting and testing
Speakers: Jane Guo, Uwe Wielsch | Optical Systems unit
Date: March 15, 2017 at 16.10 pm
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre Room N3-M43

High-resolution pictures are available for download from the Jenoptik image database in the Current Events Gallery.

About Jenoptik | Optics & Life Science

As an integrated photonics company, Jenoptik is active in the three segments Optics & Life Science, Mobility and Defense & Civil Systems.

In the Healthcare & Industry unit of the Optics & Life Science segment Jenoptik develops specific system and application solutions for customers worldwide in the healthcare sector and industry. The focus is on medical technology and life science as well as laser, automotive and lighting applications. The product portfolio includes semiconductor chips, optoelectronics, laser technology, polymer optics, electronics and software. Jenoptik combines them to OEM system solutions and products for the life science industry, such as analysis and treatment systems for research, clinical applications, and patient self-diagnosis. For industrial applications, Jenoptik offers high-performance optoelectronic components and modules as well as integrated solutions. They include complex components for head-up displays, innovative lenses for driver assistance systems and polymer optics for machine vision or augmented reality applications. In the area of industrial lasers for laser material processing, Jenoptik is active in the entire laser value creation chain.

With its Optical Systems unit in the Optics & Life Science segment Jenoptik is one of the few development and production partners worldwide for optical and micro-optical systems and precision components designed to meet the highest quality standards. The division offers solutions made of optical glass, fused silica and crystals, infrared materials as well as plastic. Jenoptik also possesses outstanding expertise in the development and manufacture of micro-optics for beam shaping used in the semiconductor industry and laser material processing. The product portfolio also includes solutions for optical information and communication technologies, as well as defense and security.


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