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Jenoptik to present production metrology innovations at IMTS 2018

At the IMTS 2018 trade fair in Chicago, Jenoptik will be presenting several new industrial metrology advances, showing the latest trends in quality assurance. Visit Jenoptik in East Hall, Booth 135536.

Roughness, contour measurement with Waveline W900

Jenoptik will present the latest generation of roughness and contour measuring devices, a new product line for optical shaft metrology as well as a brand new innovation in metrology: automatic optical inner bore inspection for diameters up to 5 mm.

Waveline W800 — for roughness and contour metrology

The new generation of Waveline W800 roughness and contour measuring devices is designed to meet a variety of customer requirements for flexible, precise and fast measuring processes. All measuring station configurations are modular and can easily be expanded at a later stage. An axis speed that is more than six times faster and an improvement in the ambient noise of approximately 30 percent demonstrate the significant performance improvement in comparison to the existing models. In addition, all measuring station configurations are modular and can easily be expanded at a later stage. The new W800 model series offers a suitable probing system for every field of application. It is particularly suited to many different measuring tasks in the measuring room, as the models typically include manual or semi-automated measuring processes. An additional benefit is the ease with which the probing systems can be swapped via a new magnetic quick-change adapter. This lends a very high degree of flexibility to daily routine measurements.

Optical shaft measuring devices: Opticline CS, C and CA Series

The devices from the new CS series have been rigorously designed for production-related applications and are optimized to meet specific requirements relating to the production and quality assurance of rotating parts. Customers in this industrial sector need fast and flexible gauging components for fully automated use in the production environment. The two new measuring systems, the CS155 and CS305, perfectly complement the range of Jenoptik optical shaft measuring machines that has been established for many years.

"With the CS series, we can offer high-quality measuring instruments to customers with average tolerance requirements," says Dr. Eric Rüland, Director of Sales for the Metrology division at Jenoptik. "In addition, the two products enable consistently reliable, operator-controlled inspections to the well-established quality that is associated with Jenoptik."

Many of the functionalities of the Opticline CS155 and Opticline CS305, such as automatic software-based measuring processes and several mechanisms for device self-monitoring, make it easier for the user to operate the equipment when carrying out quality assurance. The systems are equipped with the latest Tolaris Optic measuring and evaluation software. This user-friendly software allows for simple programming with graphic elements and also features an intuitive user interface for measuring and evaluation functions that is focused on measuring tasks.

Detect the smallest imperfections in bores within the required cycle time with the Visionline IPS B5 and Visionline IPS B10 internal test sensors

It was previously only possible to inspect small bores (<15 mm) manually; but this has changed thanks to the development of surface inspection systems Visionline IPS B5 and Visionline IPS B10: The innovative camera and lighting technology as well as adaptive, dynamic masking and a high resolution allow for an automated full inspection of planar surfaces within the line cycle time. Both the IPS B10 stand-alone version and the concept study of the IPS B5 tabletop model will be presented.

The measuring machines enable fast inspection of the entire bore surfaces, the inspection and measuring of the inner contours and the evaluation of defects. The sensors' 360° lens creates an image of the entire bore surface without using a rotating mechanism; as a result the sensor is robust and fast, thereby meeting the requirements for full product quality inspections when installed inline in a production line.

In addition to Jenoptik’s new Waveline W800, Opticline and Visionline innovations, visitors will also have the opportunity to see the Gageline Scan Match – for I.D. and O.D. match parts as well as the Waveline Wavemove for roughness and contour for large format parts.

About Jenoptik

As a global technology group, Jenoptik operates in the three fields of Optics & Life Science, Mobility and Defense & Civil Systems.

Thanks to its Automotive division in the Mobility segment, Jenoptik is one of the leading manufacturers of metrology and laser equipment for production processes in the automotive industry. The company's portfolio in the field of metrology includes highly precise contact and non-contact industrial metrology solutions for the pneumatic, tactile or optical inspection of roughness, contours and form as well as determining dimensions in every phase of the production process or in the measuring room. An extensive range of services such as consulting, training and servicing, including long-term maintenance contracts, rounds off the metrology range.


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