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Jenoptik wins traffic safety orders in the MENA region

Jenoptik delivers hundreds of systems for speed enforcement to Algeria’s Ministry of Interior and Local Government and to another key client in the Middle East.

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To further improve traffic safety in the Middle East, Jenoptik will deliver hundreds of speed measurement systems to two clients in the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa) in the course of this and the next year. Both orders have a combined order value in the low double-digit million euro range.

First, Jenoptik won a new project in the Middle East in a tough technical trial in direct competition against numerous international suppliers. Starting in the last quarter of 2018, Jenoptik will deliver 600 of its radar-based TraffiStar S390 measurement systems as well as 300 TraffiTower 2.0 housings for stationary speed enforcement. In addition, Jenoptik will update its current Back Office Processing Software to latest functionality. The Jenoptik software is in operation in many countries of the region on nationwide basis.

Second, Jenoptik will deliver 144 radar-based TempoCam systems for mobile speed monitoring to the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria in the fourth quarter of 2018. The scope of the delivery also includes software for the evaluation of traffic violations. Furthermore, the Jenoptik subsidiary in Algeria will provide warranty services, maintenance and repair.

“Both orders are another significant indicator for the increasing demand for traffic safety in emerging countries. Our traffic enforcement technology has been successfully deployed in several MENA projects and we look forward to continuing the cooperation with our local partners”, says Jenoptik President & CEO Stefan Traeger.

Traffic safety technology made by Jenoptik has been in operation in the Middle East for many years, for example in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan. Most recently, in March 2018, Jenoptik announced a traffic safety order from Qatar. As regards Algeria, Jenoptik processed a major order in 2010 with about 400 mobile radar systems being delivered to the Algerian Gendarmerie.

Jenoptik will present its traffic safety products and projects at Gulf Traffic in Dubai in December 2018.

About Jenoptik

A global technology group, Jenoptik divides its activities into three segments: Optics & Life Science, Mobility as well as Defense & Civil Systems.

The Traffic Solutions unit in the Mobility segment develops, manufactures and distributes components, systems and services which contribute towards greater road traffic safety throughout the world. The product portfolio comprises comprehensive systems relating to all aspects of road traffic, such as speed measurement and red light monitoring systems, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products and systems for the detection of traffic violations. Expertise extends to measuring average speed over a defined section of road (section speed control) and automated number plate recognition (ANPR). Thanks to the digital combination of several sensor technologies with software and data management, Jenoptik is also a new systems supplier for truck toll monitoring on federal highways in Germany. In the service field we cover every aspect of the traffic safety process chain.


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