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Speed measurement with TraffiStar S350 laser scanner: update on the planned retrofit

TraffiStar S350 Laser Scanner

On July 9, 2019 the Saarland Constitutional Court published its ruling of July 5, 2019 on a constitutional complaint in connection with a speed violation and on the question of measurement data stored by the Jenoptik TraffiStar S350 measuring device in the case of speed offences.

Although the ruling is legally binding in the federal state of Saarland only, it does unsettle municipalities in other federal states as to how they can continue to take legal action against speeders in a secure manner. Irrespective of our assessment of the ruling, we are therefore sticking to our policy of addressing the points of criticism from the ruling on so-called raw measurement data with a software update.

In addition to our statement from July 9, 2019, we, as the manufacturer of the TraffiStar S350 speed measuring system, provide information on the further development and evaluation of the current situation.

Technical development

The software update announced for July included the additional storage of speed measurement data and was technically comparable to other solutions on the market.

The software development and internal test phase was completed on July 22. However, further developments in Saarland and assessments by internal experts and external industry observers have shown that there is a risk that this scope of the software update will not be accepted in the long term or in the Saarland where devices of other manufacturers with a technically similar approach were also shut down.

This significantly changed the basis of Jenoptik’s decision: Instead of starting a retrofit of our systems which could be realized in the short term but may not be sufficient from a legal point of view, we decided to continue the software development and to launch another, more comprehensive option onto the market, which will clearly address the central demand of the judgement of the Saarland Constitutional Court.

On the one hand, the further development of the software is technically much more complex: More data are to be stored which are generated at the time of the speed measurement and thus exist as measurement data for the respective incident. This increases the complexity of the data sets and, consequently, also the amount of memory required for each documented speed violation.

On the other hand, further development requires more effort not only in terms of time, but also in terms of personnel. At the Jenoptik locations in Monheim and Hildesheim, Germany we are working on the software development for TraffiStar S350 with the highest priority. We therefore currently assume that the new development and the subsequent Jenoptik internal test can be completed within a few weeks in the third quarter.

This is followed by an examination by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, the German metrology standards body), with which we of course regularly exchange information. Only after PTB approval can the software update be transferred to the TraffiStar S350 speed measurement systems in Germany, followed by a new calibration of the systems.


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