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Jenoptik Aviation Systems Ensure Safety and Are Highly Reliable

Jenoptik aviation systems, subsystems and components fulfill the demanding safety requirements of the aviation industry, setting new standards in reliability every day.

safe and reliable Aviation Systems by Jenoptik

Aviation Systems

Jenoptik develops, manufactures, repairs and overhauls complex and technologically demanding systems, subsystems and components for aircrafts, helicopters and UAV’s of various manufacturers. We offer a wide range of products — from customized heating elements and controllers to entire heating systems or complete lift systems, from rescue hoists and cargo winches to radomes made from composites material.

Heating systems assure a convenient cabin climate or can also prevent ice building up on important aircraft components. Heating control units precisely regulate the heating process. Lifts transport loads to the cabin and the cargo area. Radomes protect radar systems in aircrafts and helicopters from external influences. Rescue hoists help emergency personnel to save lives.

Jenoptik experts plan and carry out aviation projects in the civilian and military sectors. The core focus of our technological expertise is in the field of mechatronics and in the manufacture of composites. Our aviation systems and components impress thanks to their outstanding level of quality and extreme durability. They fulfill the strict requirements of the aviation industry and are tested for reliability under the most extreme conditions. Jenoptik also provides a comprehensive range of services throughout the product lifecycle.


  • High quality: Technological expertise for demanding tasks.
  • Safety: Reliable and durable.
  • Certified: Regular quality assurance to meet the high demands of the aviation industry.
  • From a single source: From planning and production through to maintenance and repairs.
  • Flexible: Tailored solutions.

Fields of Application

  • Heaters and heating control units: Prevent the build-up of ice on important aircraft components.
  • Saving lives: Rescue casualties via rescue hoist from inaccessible regions.
  • Transporting loads: Trolley lift systems transport food and beverages between flight decks on the Airbus A380.

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