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Heaters for Aircraft: Energy-Efficient, Reliable and Durable

Jenoptik manufactures high-quality air heaters and heated components to heat the air and protect against icing.

Heaters for Aircraft

Despite low outside temperatures at high altitudes or on ground, the aircraft needs to function properly. Therefore fittings, valves, outlets, latches, and windshields must not freeze and must be prevented from icing. Jenoptik develops and manufactures an extensive range of heaters and heated components that can be integrated and used in many areas of a wide variety of aircraft types. Heating systems prevent vital aircraft parts from freezing and failing.

Heating devices include air heaters, which heat the cabin air, and heated components such as fittings and locks. Our heating devices are suitable and certified for use in the aviation industry. They are characterized by their high level of reliability and long service life. They are also extremely energy-efficient due to their demand-oriented and regulated performance.

Thanks to the technical expertise of our well-versed and experienced team, we can provide the exact heating elements and systems in accordance with your requirements. We take into account your individual needs and develop the products that exactly meet your specifications. To control the heaters, we also provide the corresponding heating control units including the appropriate control software.

Take advantage of our comprehensive, global range of our AOG customer support services: we are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Safe investment: Reliable and durable.
  • Efficient: Optimum energy consumption.
  • Certified: Regular quality assurance to meet the high demands of the aviation industry.
  • Customized: Designed and developed according to your specific needs.
  • Service: 24/7, worldwide, AOG (aircraft on ground).

Fields of Application

  • Aviation industry: Systems for manufacturers and system suppliers.

Find out more about certified heaters and heated components from Jenoptik:

Air Heaters

Jenoptik manufactures high-quality air heaters

Air heaters heat the air in the cargo area or heat specific, temperature-critical areas of the cabin. We supply heaters with conventional heater laminate technology or PTC technology (Positive Temperature Coefficient). The latter technology has the advantage of a self-regulating temperature feature and maximum energy density. Jenoptik heating elements are particularly lightweight and compact. They are also highly durable and reliable.

All air heaters are controlled and monitored using the corresponding heating control units from Jenoptik. The heating output is regulated on a varying scale of 0 to 100 percent using a pulse-width modulation pattern (PWM).

The air heater (200 W, 300 W) adjusts the different thermal loads in different areas of the aircraft cabin. It consists of an etched metal sheet, which is embedded between two aluminum layers, forming a "heater laminate". The 200-W model is equipped with a metal frame, which protects the heater and enables optimized heat distribution. A built-in sensor controls the temperature of the heater.

The air duct heater (300 W) heats the supply air to specific areas of an aircraft. It is directly integrated into the airflow which heats the air that is fed into the cabins and cockpit.

The 6-kW air duct heater heats large areas in aircraft such as the air in the cargo area. It consists of a heating unit with two heater banks and an integrated control unit that monitors and regulates the heating output. The air duct heater is connected to the Ventilation Control System (VCS) by CAN bus, which provides the heating output specifications.

Heaters are controlled via the corresponding heating control units from Jenoptik.

Small Heaters and heated Components

Small Heaters and heated Components

Heaters or heated components ensure that all systems in and on the aircraft function perfectly despite low external temperatures. Heated fittings and drain masts, for example, prevent water connections and drainage installations from freezing. Other heating elements heat the latches on doors and escape slides so that they can be unlocked quickly and easily in the event of an emergency. Heaters also ensure that the cockpit windshield does not ice over so that the pilot always has a clear view.

Heaters are controlled via the corresponding heating control units from Jenoptik.

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