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Compact and Extremely Reliable: Heating Control Units for Aviation Systems

Jenoptik energy-efficient heating control units reliably monitor and adjust the temperature of your electric heaters to prevent icing.

Heating Control Units for Aviation Systems

In order to control and adjust the heating systems either within or on aircrafts efficiently and reliably, you need appropriate control units. Jenoptik heating control units continuously monitor the temperature of critical components and heating elements and precisely re-adjust the output of heaters in order to prevent icing. The heating control units are impressive products due to their durability, reliability, and particular energy efficiency— saving you energy, fuel and further investment costs. You can even integrate an automatic monitoring function or operate the controllers via a connected touch panel.

The heating control units are particularly reliable, lightweight and compact, and require very little space. We offer control units with up to 32 channels. All models work perfectly with Jenoptik heaters. Take also advantage of the extensive range of our 24/7 AOG customer support services we offer. It does not matter when you need support — our experts are on hand to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and around the world if necessary.


  • High quality: Durable and reliable.
  • Save costs: Low-cost thanks to energy-efficiency, maximum reliability and minimal lifecycle costs.
  • Energy-efficient: Only the required amount of energy is used.
  • Certified: Complies with the high demands of the aviation industry.
  • Compact: Small and lightweight.

Fields of Application

  • Aviation industry: Heating systems for commercial and military aircraft.

Find out more about certified heating control units from Jenoptik:

Heating Control Unit VHCU – 12 or 8 Channels

Heating Control Unit for Aviation Systems

The heating control unit monitors and controls the electric heating elements of an aircraft, such as those for water pipes, drain masts, floor plates or fittings. They can also regulate the air outlets and vents in the air conditioning system. The control units are available with eight or twelve channels as required. All the necessary heating parameters are saved in a configuration module, which establishes a connection between the data and control unit. This enables you to service the control unit locally and to replace it if necessary.

Jenoptik heating control units also monitor the electrical wiring of the connected heaters and detect damage in the cable insulation, which prevents voltage overloads and associated failures. You also have the option of connecting the heating control unit to an operating panel with a display, the cabin communication system, or the aircraft maintenance system.

Heating Control Unit: IPCU Icing Protection Control Unit – 32 Channels

Use the state-of-the-art heating control units from Jenoptik to control electrical heating elements in and on an aircraft. All models impress with their low weight, compact design, and high level of reliability and energy-efficiency. Heating control units are fitted with up to 32 channels, making them extremely flexible and multifunctional.

All heating parameters are saved in a configuration module, which allows you to service the control unit locally and replace it easily. Different heating parameters can even be set for individual cabins or heated elements. The heating control unit continuously and automatically monitors the cable insulation of the connected heaters to prevent any dangerous voltage overloads. If you connect a temperature operating panel to the unit, the panel displays the temperature for the respective heater. The heating control unit can also be connected to the cabin communication system or the aircraft maintenance system.


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