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Handheld thermography cameras for highly precise thermal imaging

Portable thermography cameras from Jenoptik measure and analyze temperature distributions of objects with a high degree of accuracy.

Jenoptik manufactures handheld thermography cameras for mobile use in research, maintenance, and medical applications. These radiometric thermal imagers are used to identify temperature anomalies or hot spots and to prevent temperature-related defects. The cameras can also be used to increase the safety of products under development and to determine energy losses in the thermal insulation of buildings.

The handheld infrared cameras in the VarioCAM® HD range set themselves apart with an exceptionally high image resolution of up to 3.1 IR megapixels. The devices set new standards for thermography cameras and guarantee maximum measuring accuracy.

The top-of-the-range model in the VarioCAM® HD series is the first camera in the world to feature an image sensor with XGA resolution, integrated laser rangefinder, laser-based focusing, and a special function to improve the depth of focus. The camera combines high-resolution image sensors equipped with optomechanical resolution enhancement technology with Jenoptik's outstanding expertise in calibration.

The VarioCAM® HD Basic is the entry-level model and offers all the key basic functions. This model differs from the professional version in terms of the image resolution and the temperature measuring ranges. The thermal imager impresses with its dynamic resolution enhancement function, which increases the resolution to 1.2 IR megapixels.

The temperature data collected can be evaluated on site within the camera in a quick and convenient process, while the user-friendly menu guidance ensures intuitive operation. The highly precise thermal images can be viewed and analyzed on a high-resolution 5.6" TFT color display suitable for use in daylight, and transferred directly to a PC via a cable, wirelessly, or on an SD card.

The thermography cameras in the VarioCAM® HD range also feature a stable housing, as well as being robust and extremely durable. They deliver optimum ergonomics and fit perfectly in the hand, enabling all operating controls to be accessed without any problems. Thanks to the uncooled Jenoptik thermal imaging technology, the cameras are exceptionally low maintenance, meaning there are hardly any follow-up costs for you.


  • Extremely precise measurement: World's highest spatial resolution, between 2.1 and 3.1 IR megapixels.
  • Efficient: Capture wide measuring ranges in high resolution.
  • Mobile use: Ergonomic design and easy to operate; evaluate measured data immediately on site.
  • Robust and durable: Saves you time and costs, as uncooled cameras require no maintenance.
  • Technologically sophisticated: More than 25 years of experience in developing and producing infrared cameras.

Fields of application

  • Electrical engineering, electronics, electrical industry: Detecting defects, optimizing product quality, plant inspection, quality control.
  • Preventive maintenance: Prompt identification of hot spots or apparent defects, prevention of production stoppages, plant inspection.
  • Automation technology: Quality control and assurance, as well as process monitoring. Optimization of production processes.
  • Building thermography: Tracing heat losses.
  • Medicine: Supporting diagnosis of diseases.
  • Automotive industry: Quality control, non-destructive testing, process optimization.

VarioCAM® HD Thermography Cameras

Choose from two series of professional thermography cameras:

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