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The VarioCAM® HD: High-resolution thermography camera for mobile applications

The professional version of the VarioCAM® HD is an impressive uncooled thermography camera with a radiometric IR resolution of 3.1 megapixels.

VarioCAM HD thermography camera

The VarioCAM® HD is a thermography camera that is perfectly suited for mobile applications. The handheld camera measures and analyzes extremely precise temperature distributions and quickly provides a detailed visualization of the results.

The camera can be used both in industrial research and development and for quality control and preventive maintenance in the power generation and transmission, automotive, raw material extraction, electrical engineering, electronics, consumer goods manufacturing, automation and building technology sectors, as well as in the medical field.

The professional version of the thermal imager features an exceptionally high resolution of up to 3.1 megapixels. This device guarantees a high level of measuring accuracy when it comes to small details and is a true pioneer on the global market thanks to its high-resolution image sensors combined with Jenoptik's optomechanical resolution enhancement technology. Uncooled infrared detectors based on microbolometer focal plane arrays are used as image sensors in the cameras. This setup, combined with our expertise in cameras, mean that the devices require practically no maintenance.

Launched in 2012, the VarioCAM® HD is the world's first infrared camera to feature an image sensor in XGA resolution, integrated laser rangefinder, laser-based focusing and distance correction, as well as optimum depth of focus due to multiple focal planes. Thanks to its high spatial resolution and laser correction function, the thermal imager delivers extremely precise measurement results. It has a robust metal housing, and is both stable and durable. What's more, the device guarantees optimum ergonomics and fits comfortably in the hand, even when used for long periods.

The thermography camera is exceptionally easy to operate. It offers an integrated high resolution 5.6" TFT display that reproduces each individual detector pixel identically with no loss of information. The display also ensures that the camera can be operated conveniently at any time with full image representation. Recorded temperature data can be evaluated within the camera itself.


  • Extremely precise measurement: World's highest spatial resolution at 3.1 IR megapixels.
  • Efficient: Capture wide measuring ranges in high resolution.
  • Innovative: The first thermography camera to feature a laser rangefinder for distance correction and laser-based autofocus.
  • Mobile use: Ergonomic design and easy to operate.
  • Robust and durable: Saves you time and costs, as uncooled cameras require no maintenance.

Fields of application

  • Electrical engineering, electronics, electrical industry: Detecting defects, optimizing product quality, plant inspection, quality control.
  • Preventive maintenance: Prompt identification of hot spots or apparent defects, prevention of production stoppages, plant inspection.
  • Building thermography: Tracing heat losses.
  • Medicine: Supporting diagnosis of diseases.
  • Automotive industry: Quality control, non-destructive testing, process optimization.

Product preview

Technical Facts

Technical Specifications (Excerpt)
Feature VarioCAM® HD 1024
VarioCAM® HD 640
IR detector: Uncooled microbolometer array (FPA)
Detector size: 1024 x 768 pixels
640 x 480 pixels
Image resolution (max.)
2048 x 1536 IR pixels (RE mode)
1280 x 960 IR pixels (RE mode)
Frame rate: 30 Hz (@ 1024 x 768 pixels)
60 Hz (@ 640 x 480 pixels)

640 x 480 pixels (@ 60 Hz)
384 x 288 pixels (@ 120 Hz)
1024 x 96 pixels (@ 240 Hz)

384 x 288 pixels (@ 120 Hz)
Spectral range:
7.5 µm ... 14 µm
 7.5 µm ... 14 µm
Temperature measuring range:
-40 °C ... +1,200 °C (optional: up to +2,000 °C)
-40 °C ... +1,200 °C (optional: up to +2,000 °C)
Thermal resolution:
< 50 mK
< 30 mK
1.5 K or 1.5 %
1.5 K or 1.5 %
Interfaces, for data: GigE-Vision, DVI-D, C-Video, WLAN (optional), SDHC Memory Card (max. 32 GB)
Interfaces, for remote control:
GigE-Vision, RS232, Trigger, USB 2.0, Bluetooth
Special features: Built-in laser rangefinder
Measurement functions (excerpt):
Measuring spots and planes, minimum/maximum, isotherms, temperature differences.
All measurement functions are built-in and can be used live via the camera's TFT display
Automated functions (excerpt):
Focus, auto image, temperature level and region, NUC, lens recognition, image optimization, alarm functions
Correction functions (excerpt):
Laser-based distance measurement, emissivity, transmittance, environmental temperature, humidity
Dimensions (L x W x H):
210 mm x 125 mm x 155 mm (incl. 30 mm standard lens)
 1.7 kg (incl. 30 mm standard lens)
Operating conditions:
 Environmental temperature: -25 °C ... +50 °C (operational)
Shock: 25G (IEC 68-2-29)
Vibration: 2 G (IEC 68-2-6)
Protection class: IP54

Infrared optics and lenses

Available lenses, converters and ancillary lenses

lenses and converters for VarioCAM® HD and IR-TCM HD infrared cameras

For VarioCAM® HD and IR-TCM HD infrared cameras we offer a broad choice of lenses and converters suitable for various thermal imaging applications. 

Each thermographic camera from Jenoptik is individually calibrated for the lenses purchased with the camera. If you are changing the lens, the camera automatically detects the lens type and selects the corresponding calibration profile. 

Lenses are available either with IP54 proof bayonet mount or with IP67 proof thread mount

All lenses are manufactured by Jenoptik and come with sophisticated optical coating, for example anti-reflective coating or spectral-selective interference filters. Depending on lens type or focal length, some lenses are additionally coated with a highly resistant DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating for special surface protection.

Technical Specifications (Excerpt)
Type f / Focal length
Field-of-view HFOV x VFOV
for XGA / 1024er sensors
Field-of-view HFOV x VFOV
for VGA / 640er sensors
Focus distance
Super-Wide-angle 1.0 / 7.5 mm
136° x 101°
 125° x 93°
 200 mm
Wide-angle 1.0 / 15 mm  68° x 51°
 62° x 46°
 200 mm
Normal / Standard
1.0 / 30 mm  32° x 25°
 31° x 23°
 250 mm
Telephoto 1.0 / 60 mm  16° x 12°
 15° x 11°
 650 mm
Super-Telephoto 1.0 / 120 mm
 8.1° x 6.2°
 7.5° x 5,7°
 2,000 mm
 M 0.2x Close-up lens for 30 mm lens
 IFOV 81 µm
 IFOV 119 µm  137 mm
 M 0.2x Close-up lens for 30 mm lens
 IFOV 32 µm
 IFOV 47 µm  47 mm
 M 0.2x Close-up lens for 60 mm lens
 IFOV 35 µm
 IFOV 50 µm  100 mm


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