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Defense and security technology: high-quality standard products and customer-specific systems

The products in the field of defense and security technology are used to generate and manage energy, move, stabilize and perform reconnaissance, as well as to measure and protect. The devices impress with their efficient performance, robust and durable construction.

Jenoptik develops and produces tried-and-tested products and systems at the highest technological level for a variety of military applications.

We offer tried-and-tested standard products that are ready for immediate use or easily adapted to your specific requirements and applications. If required, our experts will also develop customized system solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements. All products comply with the stringent requirements placed on defense and security technology and meet the relevant military standards. The devices are extremely robust and offer absolute reliability to fulfill their intended purpose — and have proven their quality in applications around the world.

Jenoptik has been an expert in the fields of electrical engineering, mechatronics and sensors for decades. It is this combined expertise that makes us one of the leading manufacturers of energy systems, stabilization and drive technology, laser rangefinders and reconnaissance equipment.


  • High quality and highly efficient: Many years of experience and technological expertise.
  • Durable: Exacting demands placed on materials, workmanship and maintenance. Spare parts and maintenance concepts are provided for many years.
  • Tested: Quality control and rigorous testing to ensure consistent top quality.
  • Comprehensive range of services: From development to production through to maintenance and repairs.
  • Customized: All components and systems precisely meet your individual requirements.

Fields of Application

  • Security and defense technology, system houses: Systems, subsystems and components for use in military vehicles.
  • The civilian and military aviation industry: Radomes for military aircraft and helicopters.
  • Security and defense technology, police and authorities: Thermal imagers.

Learn more about our defense and security technology and products:

Our solutions for defense and security markets at a glance

Defense and security technology – products and systems at a glance

The products from Jenoptik are used to generate and manage energy, move, stabilize and perform reconnaissance, as well as to measure and protect. Learn more!

Electric energy systems

Energy systems are available for a wide range of applications. These systems are suitable for use in both the civilian and military sector. Learn more!

Stabilization systems for line-of-sight, sensors and weapons

Stabilization systems compensate for vehicle movements, enabling you to continuously keep an object in sight. Find out more!

Electric drives for special applications

Our special drives align and stabilize individual components. They are customized to meet your specific requirements. Read more!

Observation and target acquisition devices

Thermal imagers enable you to precisely observe your environment, so you can detect potential threats at an early stage, even in darkness. More information

Laser rangefinders

Laser rangefinders cover a wide spectrum of ranges and are easy to integrate into your systems. Learn more!

Rescue hoists and cargo winches

Our winches and hoists are extremely robust and durable. They can be used to safely transport people and loads whatever the weather. Find out more!


Radomes protect sensitive radar systems on airplanes and helicopters. They are made from glass-fiber-reinforced plastics and offer a particularly high level of stability. More information!

Customer Service

Our customer service team ensures reliability and a long lifetime of your products and systems. We take care of Jenoptik-products as well as of third-party products. Our experienced experts are at your service 24/7 and provide quick and first class support. Find out more!

Profit from our experienced customer support team:

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