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Peak-Power Solutions for Air Defense

Proven hybrid-electric peak-power supply systems with SuperCaps technology to keep modern air defense systems mission ready.

Jenoptik engineer and project manager inspecting electronics for an electric generating set

Modern air defense systems – equipped with surface-to-air missiles or directed-energy weapons – put extraordinarily high demands on power supply solutions, especially in terms of peak-power: while the standby or duty cycle of the electric power requirements is generally low, the amount of stored energy and the rate at which it needs to be delivered to the active weapon platform can be a few orders of magnitude higher.

Jenoptik addresses these special demands with super-capacitor-based hybrid-power-generation solutions along with intelligent, stand-alone power storage modules – augmentation packs – designed to span the range from 5 kW to 400 kW of on-demand peak-power. These power augmentation packs address the current and emerging requirements of the air defense community, including the ability to be integrated into complex weapons platforms.

Power generation and conversion

Jenoptik develops and produces electrical energy systems for various military and commercial platforms. Since 1984, Jenoptik has been manufacturing proven power-generating systems for Patriot air defense systems. The latest development of a Patriot hybrid power supply combines a powerful generator set with super-capacitor (SuperCaps) technology and a commercial power interface with integrated power converter for frequency conversion – improving performance, efficiency, and economics. Learn more about our power generation solutions.

Power augmentation

Scalable power augmentation packs based on SuperCaps technology are dedicated for integration into existing power generating systems with instantaneous peak-power demand – for example, air defense systems deploying directed-energy weapons. Learn more about our power augmentation solutions.


  • Highest power density solutions with minimum space requirements
  • Highest demonstrable MTBF, minimal maintenance, low emissions
  • Low thermal and acoustic signatures
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Customizable designs and in-house engineering capabilities with a product range extending from 3 kW to 3 MW
  • Intelligent automation provides remote diagnostics and built-in testing
  • Support excellence: international presence facilitates depot-level support and maintenance


  • Air defense systems: Patriot, MEADS, IRIS
  • Directed-energy weapon systems: high-energy laser (HEL) systems, for example
  • In general: existing and emerging systems with low continuous-power requirements in standby mode and high peak-power requirements in mission mode

Air Defense Power Supply Solutions

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