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Alternators and generator systems: Robust, reliable, energy-efficient

Jenoptik generators and alternators impress with their high level of efficiency and power density. They are ideal for use to supply power to military vehicles.

Jenoptik alternators and generator systems: robust, reliable, energy-efficient

Alternators from Jenoptik provide power in line with demand for military platforms such as transport vehicles and armored vehicles. Both on-board system alternators for supplying power to the on-board system and traction generators for supplying wheel hub motors with power are available.

Jenoptik also offers integrated starter alternators. These devices make full use of the fact that a typical alternator can operate as an electric motor. For example, in the first instance, an integrated starter alternator acts as a starter. As an integral part of an intelligent hybrid energy system, this starter starts the vehicle motor with stored current from the battery. Then, depending on the situation, the device can be operated as either an alternator or a motor.

Our alternators reflect current state-of-the-art technology. They are characterized by their high level of efficiency, power density, reliability and durability, making them ideal for demanding military environments. Alternators and alternator systems from Jenoptik have proven their quality time and again over the years in military land vehicles such as the Leopard, Puma and Boxer. However, they are also used in civilian applications, for example in railway vehicles and transport vehicles.

Standardized products and customer-specific systems

At Jenoptik, you can choose from a wide range of alternators available in different versions, such as permanent-magnet-excited and separately excited synchronous alternators, for use as on-board system alternators, traction generators and starter alternators. These alternators are easy to integrate into your existing system, allowing you to modernize and upgrade the power supply system for your vehicles. We also offer alternators supplemented with power and control electronics for cooling systems, energy storage devices and other components. If required, our experts will develop and construct alternator system solutions to meet your individual requirements.

Our comprehensive range of customer services are available around the clock. What's more, we will maintain and repair your alternators and provide training for your employees.

Recently seen at AUSA Fall Meeting:
High-voltage energy system for "Hellhound" Light Reconnaissance Vehicle

Jenoptik teamed with Northrop Grumman on the Hellhound, providing power generation capabilities that have never before been demonstrated on such a small vehicle.

Read more about our contributions to the Hellhound LRV project in the "References" section below.


  • Durable and reliable: Low follow-up costs thanks to minimal maintenance and repairs.
  • Energy-efficient: Enabling you to save on fuel.
  • Customized: All components and systems precisely meet your individual requirements.
  • Compact and lightweight: Very little installation space required.
  • Comprehensive range of services: From development to production through to spare parts purchasing.
  • Technologically sophisticated: More than 45 years of experience in the fields of electrical engineering, constructing electrical machinery and mechatronics.

Fields of application

  • Security and defense technology, system houses and vehicle manufacturers: Components, subsystems and systems to generate power for military vehicles.
  • Bus and railway technology: Components, subsystems and systems to generate power on buses and railways.
  • Auxiliary power units (APUs): Complete APUs, generator sets, components, subsystems and systems to generate power in auxiliary power units.


Hellhound Light Reconnaissance Vehicle

The Hellhound, designed from the ground up with “team and mission” as the critical performance metrics, is a 5,897 kg (6.5 ton) Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (LRV) prototype. Unveiled by Northrop Grumman at the Association of the US Army’s 2015 Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. The vehicle will compete against multiple contenders in an upcoming evaluation of next-generation vehicles by the US Army and boasts a number of unique and ground breaking capabilities. Jenoptik’s Defense and Civil Systems division teamed with Northrop Grumman on the Hellhound, providing power generation capabilities that have never before been demonstrated on such a small vehicle. This sleek, black vehicle can hold a group of six soldiers and their gear and travel in the back of a cargo helicopter.

Jenoptik Intelligent energy systems for military platforms: Customized and efficient

Able to produce enough power to run a field hospital or command center

The challenge military vehicles currently experience is delivering more on-board power; demand has grown to the point where current 28 V systems are simply inadequate. To address this situation the Hellhound incorporates a modular Jenoptik 750 V high voltage energy system which includes a 120 kW starter generator, generator control electronics, and a high power sine wave inverter. In essence, it’s a mini power plant that delivers 18 kilowatts of onboard and 100 kilowatts of exportable power. This is enough power to run a complete suite of onboard as well as external sensor, navigation, communication, and control systems and have spare capacity to power the mobile laser weapons currently under development. The future is here and Jenoptik is ready to meet the demands with robust, reliable, and unique power systems with capacity that cannot be matched by our competition

Perfect for police, border control, National Guard, and first responders for disaster relief 

Jenoptik’s mobile power system technology enables capabilities to vehicle designers that were undreamed of in the past. New opportunities in exportable power for expeditionary command posts, infrastructure, and advanced weaponry are just but a few advantages of partnering with one of the world’s premier suppliers of technology to the defense and industrial community.

Product details

800 A direct current generator

800 A direct current generator

The 800 A direct current generator supplies power to 28-V on-board systems fitted in military vehicles. The level of performance, operating conditions and mechanical strength offered by this device are ideal for meeting the tough requirements of military machines. The alternator is waterproof and cooled by means of spray oil, enabling it to function even in the narrow, hot confines of the engine compartment. In doing so, the device delivers a consistently high level of performance, regardless of the temperature. Its compact, robust design takes up very little space, which makes it perfect for integration into your existing systems.

The brushless three-phase alternator with built-in rectifiers works reliably and with a high level of efficiency. It is shaft-driven and characterized in particular by its exceptional durability - only very little maintenance is required.

360 A direct current generator

360 A  direct current generator

The 360 A brushless direct current generator is used to supply power to 28-V on-board systems. At the same time, the device also charges the battery in military vehicles. The alternator is characterized by its reliability and high power density. It is extremely robust and very durable. The alternator is cooled by the cooling water of the vehicle's engine. This means it is independent of the outside air.

The direct current alternator is mounted on the vehicle engine using a tilt arm. There, the device is driven by a belt. The rectifier, voltage regulator and a radio interference suppression (EMC filter) are integrated into the alternator. There are no windings or slip rings on the rotor, meaning the device is not susceptible to wear or faults, even at the highest speeds. The system functions can be monitored and controlled via a CAN bus interface. Load dump protection is also provided to prevent overvoltage on the on-board system. This protective feature limits the alternator voltage to a maximum of 58 V.

200 to 300 A direct current generators

200 to 300 A  direct current generators

The water-cooled 200 A, 240 A and 300 A direct current alternators generate electricity for 28-V on-board systems fitted in military vehicles. The output current can also be increased during this process. The water-cooled alternators impress in particular with their brushless, robust design. The devices are resistant to dust, sand and water spray. They work regardless of the ambient temperature and deliver a constant output power.

The unipolar direct current alternators can be driven either directly or by a belt. They are not susceptible to wear and as such completely maintenance free. Versions with integrated rectifiers and voltage regulators are also available. The alternators are characterized by their compact design and high power density and are easy to integrate into your systems. What's more, the devices are also tested in line with strict US military standards MIL STD 461E and MIL STD 1275B.

Integrated Starter Generator ISG

Jenoptik alternators and generator systems: robust, reliable, energy-efficient

Integrated Starter Generator ISG

Integrated starter generators are an essential component of the high-performance energy systems used in modern military vehicles. These alternators are available with a capacity of 20 kW to 500 kW and consume very little energy while delivering a level of efficiency in excess of 95 percent. The devices are also particularly durable and require no maintenance.

The permanent-magnet-excited flywheel alternator is mounted on the crankshaft between the combustion engine and the transmission without any additional bearings. When used together with an alternator power converter, the device provides a stabilized high DC voltage. The water-cooled alternator is extremely stable and is equipped with a robust aluminum housing as a connecting piece between the engine and the transmission.

ISGs can serve both as generators to supply on-board systems and as starters for the main aggregate. When used in conjunction with a traction battery, these devices recover braking energy and support the combustion engine. When used in combination with power electronics, the devices provide stabilized DC voltage.

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