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Electric drive technology: Moving, stabilizing, actuating and aligning

Special drive technology and electric motors are used to precisely align and stabilize individual components and subsystems.

Jenoptik Electric drive technology: Moving, stabilizing, actuating and aligning

Jenoptik produces electric drive technology for components and subsystems in military vehicles. Ground vehicles, helicopters, frigates and submarines are all equipped with numerous components and subsystems that need to move and therefore need to be actuated. These include radar antennae, turrets, weapons, pumps, fans, air conditioning units and winches. In order to precisely move or even stabilize these components, special drives, actuators or electric motors are used, meeting the individual requirements of the particular subsystem. These electric motors are tailored to the relevant component and its specific purpose with the utmost precision.

We are happy to adapt our drives to meet your individual specifications. In doing so, you will benefit from our many years of experience in both national and international projects. Our experts will support you from the design and development phase to production, all the way through to repair and maintenance. We can supply you with both individual motor components and complete systems including power electronics and controllers.


  • Precise and durable: Thanks to outstanding technological expertise and comprehensive know-how.
  • Reliable and robust: Stable and durable - suited for heavy-duty applications.
  • Cost-saving: Highly energy-efficient operation.
  • Customized: Adaptable to your individual specifications.
  • Tried and tested: Many years of experience in international projects.
  • Comprehensive service: We support you from the design and development phase to production, all the way through to repair and maintenance.

Fields of application

  • Defense and security technology: Special electric drives for components and subsystems in military ground vehicles, aircraft and vessels, for example tanks, helicopters, frigates, and submarines.


Electric motors for military vehicles at land, sea or airborne

Electric motors: Drive technology for components and subsystems on military vehicles

When it comes to electric motors, you have the choice between synchronous and asynchronous models within a power range between 10 kW and 30 MW. All motors operate energy-efficient and feature a robust design, making them ideal for use under harsh conditions.

Gun turret drives: Line-of-sight stabilization for land vehicles

Jenoptik Gun turret drives: Electric stabilization systems for military ground vehicles

GTdrive® gun turret drives: Actuate and stabilize.

Electric gun turret drives are used to move or stabilize turrets and weapon systems on armored ground vehicles. They operate with great speed, precision and efficiency.

Click here for more information about th GTdrive® family.

Rotation drive for antennae – Aviation

Jenoptik Antenna Rotation Pedestal

Seaspray rotation drive for radar antennae of helicopters

The "Seaspray" antenna drive controls the rotational movement of radar antennae, such as those fitted on helicopters or other aircraft, to achieve the exact rotation speed required – even at extreme attitudes and during maneuvers. The electric drive technology, featuring an efficient electric motor and motor controls,  is compact and robust in its construction and is able to withstand even harsh weather conditions without any problems.

Rotation drive for antennae – Navy

Rotation drive for antennae – Navy

Rotation drives for antennae of military vessels

The antenna drives for marine applications work in exactly the same way as the electric drives for the aviation sector, accurately rotating the antenna or radar system fitted on board of frigates and controlling this movement with a high level of precision. An antenna drive of this type has been produced for the Canadian Patrol Frigate, for example. In this particular example, the rotation drive is used for one axis, while the two other axes – "roll" and "pitch" – are stabilized by one of our other assemblies.

All of our antenna drives ensure the fault-free and reliable functioning of the radar system as a whole. The drives work perfectly and energy-efficiently even in difficult weather conditions or under strains caused by the application in question.

Auxiliary drive for subsystems of vessels and submarines - Navy

Jenoptik Electric drive technology: Moving, stabilizing, actuating and aligning

Auxiliary drives and electric motors for various subsystems of vessels and submarines provide motion at sea

Auxiliary drives are used to move rudders, control units, sea water pumps and hydraulic pumps, as well as winches, compressors, fans and air conditioning systems. They are used in submarines and other vessels. The various electric motors and drive systems operate silently, efficiently and, depending on requirements, with power outputs of up to 50 kW. The electric drives require almost no maintenance, are non-magnetic, and thus are ideal for use on vessels or in submarines.


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