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Mirror Head Units for Military Vehicles: Line-of-Sight Stabilization

Jenoptik mirror head units guarantee maximum performance, reliability and durability. They have been used successfully in various carrier platforms worldwide for many years.

Jenoptik Mirror Head Units for Military Vehicles Leopard 2

Jenoptik develops and produces stabilized mirror head units for military vehicles. Our systems align and stabilize optical light paths, such as those from direct view and day sight cameras, thermal imagers and laser rangefinders. The weapon in the vehicle can be optimally adjusted according to the controlled movement of the line of sight.

Our mirror head units for line-of-sight stabilization are exceptionally reliable and durable. The developers at Jenoptik have a wealth of experience and considerable expertise in the field of mechatronics. As a result, the company is an established and reliable partner in numerous national and international projects.

All standard products can be adapted to your vehicles. What's more, we supply you with customized systems, developed and manufactured to meet your requirements. After delivery, you benefit from our comprehensive customer support service. We are available around the clock and will deliver the appropriate spare parts. This saves your resources over the long term and keeps your life cycle costs at a low level.


  • Technologically sophisticated: Jenoptik employees offer many years of experience and expertise.
  • Comprehensive service: From design to production through to spare parts purchasing.
  • Reliable and durable: Low costs thanks to minimal maintenance and repairs.
  • Customized: Systems are developed to meet your specific requirements.

Fields of Application

  • Defense and security technology, procurement organizations and system houses: Stabilized platforms for radar and optical sensors.

Mirror head units

Jenoptik Mirror Head Units for Military Vehicles Leopard 2

Mirror head units: Line-of-sight-stabilization

Jenoptik has been a leading manufacturer of line-of-sight stabilization systems for military vehicles for a number of years now. One example of our solutions is the stabilized mirror head unit for the gunner's sight in the Leopard 2, which we developed and constructed and which has been in use for more than 35 years.

Our products are exceptionally reliable and low maintenance. What's more, our products can be maintained and repaired by our customer service department over the entire service life of the carrier vehicle. The mirror head units are optimized to meet your requirements. We would also be happy to develop customized solutions for you based on our experience.

Mirror drive for MLG light naval gun

Mirror drive for MLG light naval gun

Mirror drive for MLG light naval gun line-of-sight stabilization

The MLG is equipped with a two-axis mirror drive for line-of-sight stabilization from Jenoptik. This drive aligns and stabilizes optical sensor light paths from direct view or day  sight cameras, thermal imagers and laser rangefinders.

The mirror drive can be used at temperatures ranging from -35°C to +63°C. What's more, we maintain and repair all products — as required or based on customer-specific maintenance schedules. We also offer training for your employees at any time.

Airborne and ground based mobile radar and sensor systems: Line-of-sight stabilization

 Line-of-sight stabilization

Line-of-sight stabilization for radar and sensor system of mobile platforms

On civilian and military aircraft and ground vehicles, the movements of the carrier are disconnected from the recording systems for reconnaissance and target acquisition. For this reason, our platforms for radar and optical sensors offer two- or even three-axis stabilization. Used in conjunction with day sight and night vision cameras, thermal imagers or laser rangefinders, they form a complete observation system.

Jenoptik offers you standard products or complete systems tailored to the sensors used. These products can also be easily integrated into your vehicles.

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