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NYXUS Rangechecker: Laser Rangefinder for Mobile Use

The NYXUS Rangechecker hand-held laser rangefinder has proven its quality internationally and measures distances accurately over a long range. The device is exceptionally compact and robust.

NYXUS Rangechecker handheld laser rangefinder

With the NYXUS Rangechecker handheld laser rangefinder, you can determine precisely distances and observe possible targets. The NYXUS Rangechecker stands out with its compact design and is extremely light and robust. The device fits easily into any bag or pocket and is optimized for mobile use.

The sevenfold magnification glass optics give you a clear view of the observed target, while the laser rangefinder allows the exact distance to be measured quickly. Furthermore, the device not only provides high-resolution day sight, its 7x magnification glass optics  even increase the observation range of night vision goggles used in combination with NYXUS Rangechecker.

Consuming very little power, the rangefinder can operated by a single CR123 battery cell for thousands of measurements. Moreover, it is very easy to operate: It can be controlled using a single button, and therefore with just one hand. The NYXUS Rangechecker is eye-safe in its operation, working at a wavelength of 1550 nanometers, and its laser pulses are invisible even to and image intensifier device.


  • Highly precise: Accurate measurement over a long range.
  • Reliable: Eye-safe, invisible to the eye and nightvision devices.
  • Robust: Waterproof, vibration- and shock-resistant.
  • Mobile use: Small, lightweight and energy saving.
  • Easy to operate: Control with just a single button.

Fields of application

  • Defense technology: Observation and distance measurement, e.g. for spotters.
  • Border protection and police: Identification and distance measurement.

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Technical facts

Technical data (excerpt)
Feature Value
Total measuring range: 10 m ... 5,000 m
Typical measuring  range:
2,500 m (NATO target)
Accuracy: 1 m
Time to measure: < 1 s
Laser: Diode laser, 1,550 nm
Laser class: 1 (eye-safe)
Weight: < 450 g (including battery)
7-fold magnifying glass optics (monocular, multiple-coated)
Field of View: 6.75°
Special features: Multiple target detection, close target suppression,

Export information:
As a munitions product listed on the export list section 1 A,
the NYXUS Rangechecker is subject to export restrictions
in accordance with foreign trade regulations and legislation.


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