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Jenoptik KATASORB® exhaust air purification system: Sustainable elimination of pollutants

Our exhaust air purification systems meet the strict emission standards and can be perfectly adapted to your production processes.

KATASORB Exhaust Cleaning Systems

Smart Air Purification by Jenoptik

KATASORB® exhaust air purification systems help you to achieve environmentally friendly production. The systems reliably remove harmful dust, aerosols and gases and from exhaust air. At the same time, they are particularly powerful, durable and energy-efficient. This enables you to save costs, while simultaneously protecting your employees and sensitive production technology.

Jenoptik deals with the decomposition of substances and ensures the sustainable elimination of harmful substances. You can thus easily comply with even the strictest statutory emission standards. Advice before a joint project is as much a part of our services as the maintenance and support we deliver afterwards. You thereby benefit from our years of experience and the extensive knowledge of our experts.

Individual exhaust air purification systems

To ensure that the exhaust air purification systems meet the exact requirements of your production processes, our experts will produce exhaust air reports and dust analyses in advance at your request. The pore size, temperature resistance and capacity of the filter are determined and the optimal outlet flow is simulated. This greatly increases the filtration effect of the systems. We also produce individual systems, suitable for every type of industrial exhaust air.

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