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Adsorption systems for eliminating pollutants: Energy-efficient exhaust air purification for low concentrations and discontinuous processes

During adsorption, pollutants adhere to the surface of another substance and accumulate on this surface. Even exhaust air with low pollutant concentrations can thus be cleaned in a very energy-efficient manner.

Adsorption systems - Energy-efficient exhaust air purification

The Exhaust Air Purification System with Pre-concentration

The term adsorption or physisorption refers to a physical process, in which substances from gases or liquids bond with the surface of a solid object. Jenoptik uses this effect in its exhaust air purification systems.
The adsorption material (adsorbent) generally takes the form of a bulk of two to five millimeter-large grain. Whether the material is suitable for exhaust air purification essentially depends on the size of the pores, the pore size distribution, the pore volume and the surface quality of the pores.
The air to be cleaned flows through the adsorbent bed, the pollutant molecules are deposited on the surface of the adsorbent and the exhaust air flow leaves the system purified.
The dwell time of the exhaust gas depends on a complex constellation of various parameters such as the vapor pressure of the solvent. In this way, even low concentrated and discontinuous exhaust air flows can be cleaned efficiently, without using additional energy.

As with physisorption, substances from gases (or liquids) also bond to the surface of an adsorbent during chemisorption. However, chemisorption requires not only physical forces, but an adsorbate and adsorbent also enter into a chemical bond.

At Jenoptik, we use chemisorption primarily to eliminate inorganic pollutant components such as acids and lyes from exhaust air. In addition, it protects the downstream air conditioning and ventilation as well as the pipework against corrosion.

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Our engineers will configure the optimal exhaust air purification system for your specific applications. The pollutant emission level and the temperature of the loaded exhaust air are important variables in this regard. However, the concentration of pollutants rather than pollutant density plays the most significant part: Specific media are more suitable for adsorption, while others damage the adsorbent.

You can choose between the following two Jenoptik adsorption systems: 

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