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KATASORB® A: Efficient exhaust air purification by means of activated carbon adsorption for low pollutant concentrations

KATASORB® A systems employ activated carbon adsorption tailored to your system to ensure perfect exhaust air purification. In this way, they reliably clean both low concentrated and discontinuous exhaust gas flows.

KATASORB® A for laser processing, chemical products, bonds, coatings and surface treatments

Activated carbons are obtained by thermally processing organic materials such as peat, coconut shells, wood or animal bones. Largely without the presence of oxygen, these materials react to produce porous carbon skeletons. These are characterized by their large inner surface, a wide range of pore sizes and numerous imperfections. These properties make such systems an ideal medium for activated carbon adsorption of virtually all organic and inorganic molecules.

Because of its chemically irregular surface, activated carbon absorbs pollutants as an adsorbent even at room temperature. No additional energy input is required. KATASORB® A safely discharges the adsorption heat through the flat activated carbon layers and prevents the risk of self-ignition. The sophisticated system also ensures simple disposal of the loaded activated carbon filter.

Both industry and trade use KATASORB® A flexibly for laser processing, chemical products, bonds, coatings and surface treatments. Our engineers adapt the adsorbent and the system design perfectly to your process requirements.

In doing so, we take criteria such as pollutant concentration, vapor pressure, flow velocity, dwell time and the moisture content of the air as well as the grain size and component-specific displacement characteristics into account. We thus maximize your cleaning performance during exhaust air purification with activated carbon adsorption.

You can also make use of our services. We ensure completely uncomplicated operation of your exhaust air purification system – from maintenance to an adsorber replacement. Enjoy the advantages of activated carbon adsorption with KATASORB® A!


  • Efficient: Cleans even the smallest quantities of pollutant concentrations and discontinuous exhaust gas flows.
  • Sophisticated system design: Optimally tailored to your process requirements.
  • Flexible: Modular structure ensures quick and simple integration into existing systems.
  • Universal: Adsorbs a wide range of organic and inorganic molecules.
  • Low energy consumption: Cost-saving thanks to low pressure loss and operation at room temperature.

Fields of Application

  • Laser material processing: Exhaust air purification.
  • Industry and trade: Coating processes, processing of chemicals.
  • Packaging: Adhesives.

Product Views

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