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KATASORB® K: Eliminate medium and high pollutant concentrations energy-efficiently and without residue thanks to catalytic exhaust air purification

KATASORB® K is a powerful catalytic exhaust air purification system. It is operated safely and energy-efficiently even at low temperatures. You can thus protect the environment and your budget.

KATASORB® K - Eliminate pollutant concentrations energy-efficiently and without residue

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are generated by many industrial processes. These contaminated vapors harm the environment and human health. For this reason, legal regulations stipulate strict limit values for the VOC content of industrial exhaust gases.

Clean and cost-effective catalytic exhaust air purification with KATASORB® K

Thanks to Jenoptik's KATASORB® K catalytic exhaust air purification system, you can completely remove VOCs, methane, carbon monoxide and nitrogen compounds from industrial exhaust gases with high pollutant concentrations. The system does this with maximum efficiency and particularly economically.

In contrast to conventional exhaust air purification systems, a minimal thermal energy input is required: The system's catalytic effect ensures residue-free exhaust air purification even at low temperatures. A pre-heated air flow heats up the catalyst. Once it has reached its operating temperature, the further decomposition process (= catalytic cleaning of the exhaust flow) continues autothermally and therefore with no further energy input. This means that a temperature of just 180°C is required for the residue-free burning of ethanol, for instance. A conventional system would have to be heated up to at least 280°C.

Moreover, catalysis produces no toxic by-products of oxidation or special waste. You can thus eliminate VOCs, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide particularly effectively and economically. This makes KATASORB® K an ideal solution, for example, for laser and material processing, processing in the printing industry or for processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Easily integrate KATASORB® K into existing system controls

The system can be used in stand-alone operation or in conjunction with other components for exhaust air purification. This makes it possible to create powerful complete systems for virtually all process-specific exhaust air flows. Together with pre-filter systems, KATASORB® K is ideally suited for exhaust air purification in potentially explosive contexts in plastics processing, for example. In addition, the exhaust air purification system can easily be integrated into your existing system controls.

Each KATASORB® K is configured so that it ensures optimal exhaust air purification for your specific applications. Our engineers configure the system perfectly while taking all relevant factors such as applicable environmental standards, occupational limit values, types of accumulating pollutant, quantity of exhaust gas, pollutant concentration and particle content into account. We also consider your operating equipment regulations, installation requirements, existing system controls, noise levels and planned expansions.


  • Clean: Eliminate volatile organic compounds safely and without residue.
  • Cost-effective: Maximum efficiency even at low temperatures.
  • Sophisticated: More economic than conventional systems.
  • Environmentally friendly: No toxic by-products of oxidation or special waste are produced during catalysis.
  • Uncomplicated and flexible: KATASORB® K can easily be integrated into existing systems.
  • Customer-specific: Exhaust air purification tailored to your specific applications.

Fields of Application

  • Laser and material processing: Elimination of pollutants during laser cutting, laser perforation and laser engraving in the plastics processing industry. Elimination of harmful vapors during the deformation and extrusion of plastics or processing involving solvents.
  • Printing and paper processing: Exhaust air purification when using solvents such as paints, inks, lacquers and adhesives. Eliminates toxic vapors during engraving and etching or the decomposition of additives.
  • Chemistry and pharmaceuticals: Catalytic decomposition of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hydrocarbons, toxic vapors and dusts.

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