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KATASORB® M: Clean discontinuous exhaust air flows energy-efficiently and flexibly thanks to catalytic post-combustion

Jenoptik's KATASORB® M combines the benefits offered by the catalytic post-combustion of pollutants with the advantages of microwave heating with short startup times and a fraction of the energy use. 

KATASORB® M - The compact system can be set up exceptionally quickly

Discontinuous production processes require an exhaust air purification system that cleans variable volume flows efficiently and is ready to start immediately. Jenoptik's KATASORB® M, with patented technology based on microwave heating, guarantees this.

Extremely flexible and economic catalytic post-combustion of pollutants

In contrast to conventional catalytic post-combustion technology, the system does not require long, energy-intensive start-up times: KATASORB® M heats up the catalyst directly by means of microwave radiation: In this way, a high-performance magnetron brings you up to operating temperature in the shortest possible time. In addition, the system does not heat up.

The microwave fields overlap in the middle of the catalyst. This ensures an optimal inverse temperature profile. In this way, the catalyst works most effectively where the pollutant concentration is highest. Furthermore, microwave heating eliminates the losses that occur with conventional systems as a result of classic convective heat transfer.

With KATASORB® M, only a fraction of the energy of conventional systems is required and exhaust air can be cleaned particularly safely, reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively. This can include, for example, volatile hydrocarbons, organic solvents, NOx (with optional SCVR), carbon monoxide as well as gases, aerosols and dusts from plastics processing.

Continuously adapt system performance to the volume flow of the exhaust air thanks to partial-load operation

KATASORB® M also offers excellent part load capacity: Even at a capacity of just 20 %, the system guarantees efficient catalytic post-combustion with a correspondingly low energy input. An upstream control unit continually adapts the power to the exhaust air volume. If required, sensor technology can be added to KATASORB® M to measure the air quality.

You can simply deactivate the exhaust air purification system if no harmful substances are released during breaks in production or retooling. This saves you energy and heating costs. Because of the extremely short start time, KATASORB® M is immediately ready for use when pollutants are emitted. This allows you to react flexibly to unexpected loads. Furthermore, the system is particularly compact and quickly assembled. These properties make it ideal for use as an emergency system in case of damage.


  • Patented: Extremely short start times due to unique microwave heating.
  • Cost-effective: Maximum efficiency with low energy input.
  • Efficient: Catalytic post-combustion even with a capacity of just 20 %.
  • Flexible: The compact system can be set up exceptionally quickly, as an emergency system in case of damage, for example.
  • Environmentally friendly: No toxic by-products of oxidation or special waste are produced during catalysis.
  • Health and safety: No nitrogen oxide or dioxin is formed.

Fields of Application

  • Pharmaceutical industry: Catalysis of harmful substances in the micrometer and nanometer range.
  • Petrochemistry and reactor protection: Eliminate toxic and otherwise dangerous substances gases.
  • Processing industry: Catalysis of toxic vapors during engraving, etching or special printing processes. Eliminates pollutants such as plastic vapors during laser cutting.

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