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KATASORB® PRINT: Eliminate pollutants by means of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective exhaust air purification

KATASORB® PRINT for drying and exhaust air purification in the printing industry is exceptionally energy-efficient. The system thus enables cost-effective elimination of pollutants.

If you produce print media and packaging or manufacture coatings or adhesives, the pollutant concentration of the exhaust air is higher than in any other industrial sector. Many alcohol, acetate, glycol or mineral oil-based solvents and additives such as plasticizers and adhesive additives are used. In some cases, the pollutant load can reach 100 times the permitted limit value. Released pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or ozone are harmful to organisms and cause smog and lasting environmental damage. For this reason, exhaust air purification systems must be particularly reliable and efficient in this sector.

Cost-effective and energy-efficient exhaust air purification with KATASORB® PRINT

The combined KATASORB® PRINT system is ideally suited for drying and exhaust air purification in the printing industry. It utilizes thermal synergies for the intelligent cleaning of high-volume exhaust air flows with high pollutant concentrations. This enables you to reduce operating costs by up to 85% in comparison with conventional printing facilities.

The system converts pollutants almost completely autothermally. Heat is recirculated during the process, thus greatly reducing the load on the heating register responsible for drying. This enables you to reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 200 tons per year – and strengthen your ecological profile.

Exhaust air purification ready to start immediately

This highly efficient system can be easily integrated into your printing machines. It is simple to retrofit and your existing exhaust air purification system does not need to be modified. This eliminates the need for time-consuming planning, procurement and installation work.

At the same time, the decentralized system is space-saving, flexible and always operates based on the current level of utilization. This means that the system invests exactly the amount of energy that is actually required for exhaust air purification: The system stops during breaks in production, saving you energy and heating costs. Because of the extremely fast startup time, KATASORB® PRINT responds immediately when new pollutants are emitted. This protects the health of your production employees.


  • Efficient: Combined drying and exhaust air purification in a single system.
  • Economical: Reduce operating costs by up to 85% in comparison with conventional printing facilities.
  • Environmentally friendly: Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 200 tons per year.
  • Integrable: Retrofit you own machines easily.
  • Flexible: The decentralized system is space-saving and always works according to current utilization levels.

Fields of Application

  • Packaging and printing industry: Remove solvent residues from high-volume exhaust air flows with medium to high pollutant concentrations.
  • Plastics processing: Eliminate harmful gases and toxic vapors during engraving, etching and special printing processes.

KATASORB® PRINT - Optimized exhaust air treatment for the printing industry

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