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Jenoptik KATASORB® filter systems: Clean air in your processes and production halls

KATASORB® systems combine maximum filter performance with extreme durability.

KATASORB® filter systems - Clean exhaust air safely and effectively in industrial environments

The efficient (Pre)filter System

Jenoptik filter systems clean exhaust air safely and effectively in industrial environments. They bind solid pollutants such as coarse and fine dust as well as suspended matter such as aerosols and vapors. Even the tiniest particles in the nanometer range are filtered reliably. This protects your production employees, your production technology and the environment against toxic substances, explosions and sticky particles in exhaust air.

Jenoptik KATASORB®: Individual filter systems for optimal performance

To ensure that our filter systems meet your requirements precisely, we can provide you with exhaust air reports and dust analyses in conjunction with certified laboratories in advance. Various factors such as pore size, temperature resistance, pressure difference, filter surface, grooving, replaceability, filter performance, electrostatic discharge, non-stick coating and filter capacity are evaluated with utmost precision. Furthermore, our experts test and simulate the routing of the exhaust air flow to maximize the effectiveness of the system. This prevents energy losses resulting from unnecessary flow resistance.

Application examples of Jenoptik KATASORB® filter systems

Thanks to our many years of experience and vast expertise, our filter systems are used in a wide variety of sectors:

  • Processing of plastics, metals, leather and wood
  • Production of food and textiles
  • Cleanroom technology
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Solar industry
 KATASORB® filter systems are the perfect solution wherever dust or vapors accumulate during production and must be filtered from the exhaust air.

Please choose the following filter system by Jenoptik: 

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