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KATASORB® F: Filter system for exhaust air purification in industry

The KATASORB® F filter system can be used to safely filter pollutants and dust, including fine dust from air. This protects your highly sensitive production technology, your employees and the environment. 

KATASORB® F - Filter system for exhaust air purification in industry

The KATASORB® F filter system can be used to efficiently and reliably clean exhaust air flows in industrial environments. The system filters even the smallest solid particles that accumulate during production processes from the air. This ensures that aerosols and oily vapors do not reach your production halls, which in turn allows you to protect your sensitive technology.

Jenoptik tailors the filter systems to individual requirements, depending on the process, particle content and the quantity of exhaust air. In doing so, we pay particular attention to the pore size, temperature resistance and capacity of the filter. Furthermore, we test and simulate the routing of the exhaust air flow in order to maximize the effectiveness of the system.

Pre-coating for filter systems in industry

Pre-coating further improves the filtration effect of KATASORB® F. The filter is coated so that the filtration effect is further enhanced by a filter cake (filter aid). Filter pores do not get clogged and sticky substances do not come into direct contact with the filter surface. In addition, the filter aid has an adsorbing and inerting effect.

The filter dust, which is removed by means of a pulse jet process in combination with a pressure difference-controlled venturi nozzle, is collected in a dedicated container. The filter is then automatically coated again with the filter aid. Pre-coating increases the filter life fourfold – and you save money. We recommend annual maintenance performed by qualified personnel.


  • Maximum performance: Pre-coating enhances the effect of the filter.
  • Cost-effective: Filter aids prevent rapid wear.
  • Versatile: Used in various industries and sectors.
  • Customer-specific: The system is adapted to individual requirements.

Fields of Application

  • Metal processing: Filters for machining processes.
  • Laser material processing: Filters for laser cutting.
  • Wood processing: Transport and processing of powder and dust.

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