KATMOX®: Optimally adapted synthetic materials for highly efficient catalysts 

KATMOX® are functionalized synthetic materials with catalytic properties and an optimal surface binding behavior. 

KATMOX® - Synthetic materials for highly efficient catalysts

With KATMOX®, Jenoptik offers functionalized synthetic materials in the form of fine-structured and, if required, catalytically active powders. These are designed and produced specifically according to your requirements. In the process, we take your composition, grain size, surface proportions, particle size distribution or the form of primary particles into account.

During our special manufacturing process, reactants are heated up and cooled back down to room temperature in the shortest possible time. This enables us to change the reaction parameters of the synthetic material in a coordinated manner and to control its properties. For example, we purposefully incorporate imperfections into the catalyst material. In this way, particularly low activation energies are achieved. Furthermore, the special high-speed synthesis process produces very high specific surfaces on the powders. The pollutants to be reacted bond particularly well with these high specific surfaces – for highly effective and energy-efficient catalysis.

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