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Bars, Mini-Bars and Single Emitters as Passively Cooled Diode Lasers

Diode lasers from Jenoptik have an open design and use the latest mounting technology.

Single laser diode JOLD-x-CPxN-1K-CS


Product feature

  • Wavelength: 980nm
  • Output power: 32W
  • Operation mode: CW
  • Cooling: passively cooled
  • Collimation: fast axis and slow axis
  • Heatsink: cs

jold-xx-xxxn-1l-bar-on-cs-mount-up-to-35w-cw-90w-qcw (PDF | 0,30 MB)

You can choose between cw and qcw operation. We offer standard wavelengths of 808 nm, 940 nm and 980 nm. On request, we can optimize diode lasers for other wavelengths thanks to the flexibility of our own semiconductor production facility in Berlin. You also receive different emission heights in standardized packages. The collimation is available in Fast-Axis (FA) only or in Fast-Axis (FA/SA).

Our patented CN design means that the bars of our mounted diode lasers are cooled on both sides. This means you can achieve thermal resistances that are very close to those of a microchannel heat sink. Our diode lasers also deliver high output power and a low smile.


  • Maximum efficiency: High optical output power of 8 ­­W to 200 W cw and 300 W qcw.
  • Reliable: Long lifetime through predominant use of Jenoptik semiconductor lasers.
  • Versatile: Flexible integration into different systems.
  • Precise: Low smile.
  • Easy integration: Compact and robust designs.

Fields of Application

  • Material processing: Plastic welding, soldering, hardening and annealing of metals.
  • Medical technology: Hair removal, surgery, dentistry and ophthalmology.
  • Illumination: IR monitoring.
  • Metrology: Particle counting.
  • Printing industry: Computer-to-Plate (CtP).
  • Science and research: Excitation light source.
  • Industry: Pumping sources for fiber lasers and solid-state lasers.

Product preview


Variation of Products

Wavelength in nmOutput power in WOperation modeCoolingCollimationHeatsinkProduct name / data sheet
80832CWpassively cooledfast axis and slow axiscs JOLD-32-CPBN-1L
80835CWpassively cooledfast axiscs JOLD-35-CPFN-1L
80840CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-40-CPNN-1L
80840CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-40-xPNN-1L-808nm
80850CWpassively cooledfast axis and slow axiscs JOLD-50-CPBN-1L
80850CWactively cooledwithoutactively cooled JOLD-50-CANN-1L
80855CWpassively cooledfast axiscs JOLD-55-CPFN-1L
80860CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-60-CPNN-1L
80860CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-60-xPNN-1L-808nm
80880CWactively cooledwithoutactively cooled JOLD-80-CANN-1L
80890QCWpassively cooledfast axiscs JOLD-90-QPFN-1L
808100QCWactively cooledwithoutactively cooled JOLD-100-QANN-1L
808100QCWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-100-QPNN-1L
808100QCWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-100-xPNN-1L-808nm
808225QCWpassively cooledfast axiscs JOLD-225-QPFN-1L
808250QCWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-250-QPNN-1L
808270QCWpassively cooledfast axiscs JOLD-270-QPFN-1L
808300QCWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-300-QPNN-1L
808300QCWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-300-QPxN-1L-808nm
88032CWpassively cooledfast axis and slow axiscs JOLD-32-CPBN-1L
88035CWpassively cooledfast axiscs JOLD-35-CPFN-1L
88040CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-40-CPNN-1L
88050CWpassively cooledfast axis and slow axiscs JOLD-50-CPBN-1L
88055CWpassively cooledfast axiscs JOLD-55-CPFN-1L
88060CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-60-CPNN-1L
88060CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-60-xPNN-1L-880nm
88068CWpassively cooledfast axis and slow axiscs JOLD-68-CPBN-1L
88080CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-80-CPNN-1L
91532CWpassively cooledfast axis and slow axiscs JOLD-32-CPBN-1L
91535CWpassively cooledfast axiscs JOLD-35-CPFN-1L
91540CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-40-CPNN-1L
91540CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-40-xPNN-1L-915nm
91550CWpassively cooledfast axis and slow axiscs JOLD-50-CPBN-1L
91555CWpassively cooledfast axiscs JOLD-55-CPFN-1L
91560CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-60-CPNN-1L
91560CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-60-xPNN-1L-915nm
91568CWpassively cooledfast axis and slow axiscs JOLD-68-CPBN-1L
91580CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-80-CPNN-1L
93840CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-40-xPNN-1L-938nm
93860CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-60-xPNN-1L-938nm
938100QCWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-100-xPNN-1L-938nm
94032CWpassively cooledfast axis and slow axiscs JOLD-32-CPBN-1L
94035CWpassively cooledfast axiscs JOLD-35-CPFN-1L
94040CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-40-CPNN-1L
94050CWpassively cooledfast axis and slow axiscs JOLD-50-CPBN-1L
94055CWpassively cooledfast axiscs JOLD-55-CPFN-1L
94060CWactively cooledwithoutactively cooled JOLD-60-CANN-1L
94060CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-60-CPNN-1L
94068CWpassively cooledfast axis and slow axiscs JOLD-68-CPBN-1L
94080CWactively cooledwithoutactively cooled JOLD-80-CANN-1L
94080CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-80-CPNN-1L
94090CWpassively cooledfast axiscs JOLD-90-CPFN-1L
94090QCWpassively cooledfast axiscs JOLD-90-QPFN-1L
940100QCWactively cooledwithoutactively cooled JOLD-100-QANN-1L
940100CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-100-CPNN-1L
940100QCWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-100-QPNN-1L
940120CWpassively cooledwithoutcn JOLD-120-CPNN-1L
940160CWpassively cooledwithoutcn JOLD-160-CPNN-1L
940180CWpassively cooledfast axiscn JOLD-180-CPFN-1L
940200CWpassively cooledwithoutcn JOLD-200-CPNN-1L
97640CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-40-xPNN-1L-976nm
97660CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-60-xPNN-1L-976nm
98032CWpassively cooledfast axis and slow axiscs JOLD-32-CPBN-1L
98035CWpassively cooledfast axiscs JOLD-35-CPFN-1L
98040CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-40-CPNN-1L
98050CWpassively cooledfast axis and slow axiscs JOLD-50-CPBN-1L
98050CWactively cooledwithoutactively cooled JOLD-50-CANN-1L
98055CWpassively cooledfast axiscs JOLD-55-CPFN-1L
98060CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-60-CPNN-1L
98068CWpassively cooledfast axis and slow axiscs JOLD-68-CPBN-1L
98080CWactively cooledwithoutactively cooled JOLD-80-CANN-1L
98080CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-80-CPNN-1L
98090CWpassively cooledfast axiscs JOLD-90-CPFN-1L
980100CWpassively cooledwithoutcs JOLD-100-CPNN-1L
980120CWpassively cooledwithoutcn JOLD-120-CPNN-1L
980160CWpassively cooledwithoutcn JOLD-160-CPNN-1L
147023CWpassively cooledfast axiscn JOLD-23-CPFN-1L
147025CWpassively cooledwithoutcn JOLD-25-CPNN-1L

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