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Reliable QCW diode laser stacks for the harshest climatic conditions

Our passively cooled diode laser stacks and assemblies for QCW operation are highly efficient – even under harsh environmental conditions.

QCW stack

Product feature

  • Wavelength: 808 - 940nm
  • Output power: 270 - 2400W
  • Operation mode: QCW
  • Cooling: actively cooled / passively cooled
  • Collimation: fast axis / without

We assemble our vertical and horizontal stacks using gold and tin solder (hard solder) as standard. This enables hard-pulse operation under demanding climatic conditions. Because of their lightweight construction, the stacks also easily withstand vibrations and shocks. Thanks to their reliability and efficiency, our diode laser stacks are also used as pumping sources for solid-state lasers, including in the field of high energy research.

As standard, we form passively cooled vertical stacks consisting up to 16 laser elements or arrange up to 4 laser elements in a row. Other configurations are available upon request. You can thus achieve output power up into the kW range.


  • Efficient: High output power up into the kW range.
  • Compact: Small and lightweight design is easily integrated.
  • Robust: Shock and vibration resistant.
  • Reliable: Works even under the most demanding climatic conditions.
  • High-quality: We only use hard solder.

Fields of Application

  • High energy research: QCW pumping sources for solid-state lasers.
  • Medical technology: Long-pulse operation, use in esthetics (epilation) and dermatology.
    Excitation light source for solid-state lasers in the 1320 nm range for parenchyma surgery.
  • Defense: Short-pulse operation, use as a pumping source, for lighting or in LIDAR systems.
  • Industry: Excitation light source for solid-state and fiber lasers.

Product Views


Variation of Products

Wavelength in nmOutput power in WOperation modeCoolingCollimationProduct name / data sheet
808270QCWactively cooledfast axis JOLD-270-QAFN-3A
808300QCWactively cooledwithout JOLD-300-QANN-3A
808360QCWactively cooledfast axis JOLD-360-QAFN-4A
808400QCWactively cooledwithout JOLD-400-QANN-4A
808450QCWactively cooledfast axis JOLD-450-QAFN-5A
808500QCWactively cooledwithout JOLD-500-QANN-5A
808540QCWactively cooledfast axis JOLD-540-QAFN-6A
808600QCWactively cooledwithout JOLD-600-QANN-6A
808720QCWactively cooledfast axis JOLD-720-QAFN-8A
808780QCWpassively cooledfast axis JOLD-780-QAF-8A-med
808780QCWpassively cooledwithout JOLD-780-QA-8A-med
808800QCWactively cooledwithout JOLD-800-QANN-8A
808810QCWpassively cooledwithout JOLD-810-QF-3A
808900QCWactively cooledfast axis JOLD-900-QAFN-10A
808900QCWpassively cooledwithout JOLD-900-Q-3A
8081000QCWactively cooledwithout JOLD-1000-QANN-10A
8081080QCWactively cooledfast axis JOLD-1080-QAFN-12A
8081200QCWactively cooledwithout JOLD-1200-QANN-12A
8081560QCWpassively cooledfast axis JOLD-1560-QAF-2x8A-med
8081600QCWpassively cooledwithout JOLD-1600-QA-2x8A-med
8082160QCWpassively cooledwithout JOLD-2160-QF-8A
8082400QCWpassively cooledwithout JOLD-2400-Q-8A
8082400QCWpassively cooledwithout JOLD-2400-QA-8A-industry
940270QCWactively cooledfast axis JOLD-270-QAFN-3A
940300QCWactively cooledwithout JOLD-300-QANN-3A
940360QCWactively cooledfast axis JOLD-360-QAFN-4A
940400QCWactively cooledwithout JOLD-400-QANN-4A
940450QCWactively cooledfast axis JOLD-450-QAFN-5A
940500QCWactively cooledwithout JOLD-500-QANN-5A
940540QCWactively cooledfast axis JOLD-540-QAFN-6A
940600QCWactively cooledwithout JOLD-600-QANN-6A
940720QCWactively cooledfast axis JOLD-720-QAFN-8A
940800QCWactively cooledwithout JOLD-800-QANN-8A
940810QCWpassively cooledwithout JOLD-810-QF-3A
940900QCWactively cooledfast axis JOLD-900-QAFN-10A
940900QCWpassively cooledwithout JOLD-900-Q-3A
9401000QCWactively cooledwithout JOLD-1000-QANN-10A
9401080QCWactively cooledfast axis JOLD-1080-QAFN-12A
9401200QCWactively cooledwithout JOLD-1200-QANN-12A
9402160QCWpassively cooledwithout JOLD-2160-QF-8A
9402400QCWpassively cooledwithout JOLD-2400-Q-8A
9402400QCWpassively cooledwithout JOLD-2400-QA-8A-industry