Precise and extremely strong welding of plastics with energy-efficient laser welding

Laser welding allows you to join plastic parts with an extremely strong bond. The process is non-contact and vibration-free, which helps protect the material.

With laser welding, you can join plastic parts quickly and precisely while saving energy, creating strong and durable weld seams that do not leave a visible mark. This means that plastic welding using laser technology also meets the highest aesthetic demands.

The process is completely non-contact and vibration-free, and the energy input is precisely metered, which means the joined components are subjected to minimal thermal and mechanical loads. At the same time, laser welding is a particularly clean process. Processing does not create any emissions, has no flash and does not cause any burr formation.


  • Metered: Precisely control energy input during laser welding.
  • Non-contact and vibration-free: Minimizes mechanical and thermal loads.
  • Efficient: Minimal operating costs compared to competing technologies.
  • Extremely durable: Hermetically sealed weld ensures highest quality.
  • Controlled: Monitor the weld seam online.
  • Environmentally friendly: Clean process means no emissions.

Fields of Application

  • Automotive industry: Laser welding of pumps and filters, injectors, controllers, deployment channels for airbags, mounts for parking sensors and other components on bumpers.
  • Electronics and household goods industry: Laser welding of displays, valves, pumps, sensor housings.
  • Medical technology: Laser welding of blood glucose monitors, catheters, dialysis machines.

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