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JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Scan: High-Precision Airbag Preweakening for Sensitive Materials 

Use JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Scan to perforate automotive parts in a precise way without damaging the material. 


The latest machine from Jenoptik's range of perforation systems works extremely gentle on the material: The scanner-based laser system JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Scan creates accurate lines of preweakening in automotive interior trim materials used as airbag covers. The patented sensor-controlled technology has been refined in a way that allows preweakening of even sensitive trim materials such as leather or film. This causes the material to tear exactly at the points at which it has been perforated without read through of the score line. You can determine the placement of the perforations beforehand.

A new innovation is at the heart of this new method:  A high speed laser scanner directs the laser beam in a precise and controlled way, making the system one of the most efficient and most reliable in the market. This technology is perfect for airbag preweakening, especially for parts that are crucial to the driver's safety.

The laser process utilized by JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Scan removes the material on the back of the airbag cover layer by layer. The process is controlled by sensors that monitor the material weakening closely, compensating automatically for differing material thicknesses. This ensures that a functioning split line is created. The thin layer of the visible outer material remains, making the airbag preweakening invisible to the vehicle occupants. If the airbag is activated in the event of an accident, it unfolds by splitting the perforated line of preweakening in the cover and thereby protecting the vehicle occupants.

The ultrashort pulse laser makes it possible to use a method called cold ablation that is very gentle on all delicate single-layer materials. This method keeps the material from heating up while it is removed by JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Scan in a controlled way. The part remains thermally undamaged. Depending on the material you use for your application, you can either choose a CO2 laser or a femtosecond laser for processing.


  • Versatile: Can be used for all sensitive single layer materials, including film and leather.
  • Efficient: The laser uses maximum speed.
  • Controlled: Accurate remaining wall thicknesses thanks to sensor-controlled laser technology.
  • Gentle: Ultrashort pulse laser ablation keeps the material from heating up and deforming during processing.
  • Individual: The placement and measurement of the functioning split line is variable and programmable.

Fields of Application

  • Automotive industry: Split lines / airbag preweakening for passenger, side, thorax and knee airbags.

Airbag weakening with JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Scan

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