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Laser Perforating with JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Compact: Optimized, Compact Standard Layout for Maximum Efficiency in the Tightest Space

The patented laser perforating process from Jenoptik for airbag covers opens up completely new design possibilities in vehicle design.


Laser perforating with JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Compact you can integrate precise, predetermined breaking points into plastic components. This is currently the most efficient and reliable process on the market, and has a proven track record — particularly for safety-related components such as airbag covers.

In this patented process, a laser creates several successive rows of blind holes on the rear side of the material, creating a tear line along the contour of the airbag flap. A minimal residual wall thickness is retained in the decorative layer. The perforation line is invisible. However, if a situation arises in which the airbag has to deploy, the material tears along the weakened line.

The compact laser perforation system takes up minimal space, allowing cost-effective and simple integration at your manufacturing site. Various types of single and multi-layered plastics can be processed easily using this system. The sensor-guided cutting guide automatically compensates for any unevenness or changes in material thickness. All products in the JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A series are also completely non-contact and non-wearing. In this way, the industry-proven laser perforating process meets the highest aesthetic demands while delivering on safety and efficiency.


  • Cost-effective: Low investment costs.
  • Space-saving: Can be installed in the smallest of spaces.
  • Economic: Process multi-layered materials in just one process step.
  • Functionally reliable: Precise residual wall thicknesses thanks to sensor-guided laser technology.
  • Flexible: Variably adjust the type and contour of the perforation holes, and the distance between them.
  • Non-contact: Materials and tools are protected during processing.

Fields of Application

  • Automotive industry: Predetermined breaking points for passenger, lateral, thorax and knee airbags in dashboards and interior trim.

Product preview

Laser Perforating with JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A series - Innovative machine concept

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