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cw fiber laser JenLas® fiber cw 200 – 1000

Powerful performance with a compact design and low energy consumption: With our cw fiber lasers, you can weld, cut, sinter and drill with exceptional beam quality

JenLas fiber laser CW 1000

Our cw fiber lasers are characterized by their high performance – you can use them to achieve excellent welding penetration depths and outstanding cut quality.

The cw fiber lasers JenLas® fiber cw 200 – 1000 work at modulation rates of up to 100 kilohertz and a power ratings of 200 to 1000 watts. They are available with a beam quality of M² < 1.1 or M² = 6.5.

cw fiber lasers can be used as stand-alone units or as part of larger systems. Their compact 19-inch design and the simple and flexible beam guidance ensure straightforward integration.


  • Powerful: cw fiber lasers impress with their high modulation rates combined with high power and excellent beam quality.
  • Small and efficient: With cw fiber lasers, you can save space, energy and operating costs when compared to conventional systems.

Fields of Application

  • Sheet metal processing: Excellent cut quality and welding penetration depths.
  • Medical technology: Fine cutting of stents, micro-material processing.
  • Other applications: Sintering and remote welding.

Application examples of the cw fiber lasers 

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