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NYXUS BIRD thermal imager: Observe and locate targets, even under poor visibility conditions

The multifunctional thermal imager is suitable for military reconnaissance and target acquisition in mobile applications thanks to its lightweight and compact properties and long battery life.

Jenoptik NYXUS BIRD handheld thermal imager

The NYXUS BIRD handheld thermal imager is a versatile, multi-functional device for military reconnaissance and target acquisition. Thanks to the sevenfold magnification direct view glass optics, the device provides crystal-clear sight during both day and night, and even allows observation when the device is turned off. Additionally, the direct view is perfect for use together with night vision goggles, increasing the reconnaissance range due to NYXUS BIRD's magnifying glass optics.

A high resolution LWIR (long wave infrared) camera – also known as Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) – is built-in, providing a perfect view under virtually any observation conditions – including total darkness or smoke. In this way, you can observe your surroundings in detail and identify any possible threat, danger or camouflaged targets in good time. Of course, all position measurement functionality also at hand.

The thermal imager operates without cooling. As a result, it is completely silent, requires no maintenance and is light, while also being energy-efficient. Depending on the field of view or reconnaissance range required, we offer infrared optical systems with different focal lengths for medium- or long-range applications.

The NYXUS BIRD thermal imager also features an eye-safe laser rangefinder, a digital magnetic compass and a built-in GPS receiver. These components enable you to accurately determine your own position, as well as the target's exact coordinates. The measured data can be transferred to external devices such as fire control systems in a quick and simple process using the USB or Bluetooth interfaces.

Perfect for mobile use: Lightweight with a long autonomous battery operation time

The NYXUS BIRD has a whole set of measuring functions built-in. Distances, angles, dimensions and cloud bases can all be determined using the device. At the same time, this multifunctional thermal imager stands out for its extremely compact and lightweight design and construction. Its handy size and weight of just 1.6 kilograms make it ideal for use by dismounted troops, e.g. in MOUT missions.

Compared to the standard version, the NYXUS BIRD LR provides an extended reconnaissance range when using the thermal imager for observation tasks.


The NYXUS BIRD has proven its quality internationally and is part of the reconnaissance equipment used in the German Army's GLADIUS soldier modernization program.


  • Accurate and reliable: High-precision position measurement capability over a long range.
  • Versatile: Clear view at day and night, even in total darkness or through smoke.
  • Handy: Weighs just 1.6 kg and is extremely compact.
  • Silent: No acoustic detection.
  • Long battery life: Ideal for mobile use and dismounted missions.

Fields of application

  • Defense and security technology: Observation, orientation, reconnaissance and target acquisition.
  • Police and border protection: Observation, identification and location.

Product preview

Technical  facts

Technical data (excerpt)
Direct view optics (day/night): Monocular glass optics, 7-fold magnification, 6.75° field-of-view
Infrared optics (day/night):
Uncooled thermal imager, 640 x 480 pixels resolution
Suitable for day and night operation. Provides vision in absolute darkness and through fog.
Rangefinder: Diode laser rangefinder, 1,550 nm (invisible, eye safe).
Range: 10 m ... 5,000 m
North finding: Digital Magnetic Compass (DMC) for azimuth and elevation
GPS: Built-in
Weight: 1,600 g (including battery)
  • Measurement of distance, angles, inclination, and coordinates
  • Measurement of object dimensions and cloud height
  • Guide-me-home
  • Fall-of-shot correction
  • VIS-IR image fusion (optional)

Product variants: NYXUS BIRD MR and NYXUS BIRD LR

Compared to the NYXUS BIRD MR standard model, the NYXUS BIRD LR variant offers an extended thermal observation and reconnaissance range due to infrared optics with increased focal length and narrower field-of-view.
Thermal imaging performance of NYXUS MR and NYXUS BIRD LR compared: 
Feature NYXUS MR
Field-of-view: 11° x 8°
7° x 5°
Detection range:
> 5 km
> 7 km
Recognition range:
> 2 km
> 2.8 km
Identification range:
> 1 km
> 1.4 km
(ranges for NATO target, 2.3 m x 2.3 m, 30% albedo)


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