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The Formline Incometer P: rapid form measurement of cylinder bores in engine production

The Incometer P supplies exact measured data in just a few seconds, making it perfect for use in engine production.

Formline incometer P - Rapid form measurement of cylinder bores

The incometer P measures cylinder bores during engine production with rapid speed and maximum precision. The system supplies extremely reliable roundness and form measurements, which in turn ensures a consistently high quality of your components. Thanks to its durable and compact construction, the measuring system is ideal for mobile application in production. A direct mechanical connection exists between the measuring probe and the workpiece, thus reducing interfering vibrations to a minimum.

The measuring tips are exchangeable, which allows you to adapt the incometer P to different bore diameters quickly and easily. This makes the system particularly well suited to flexible production lines.

Our INCOWIN control and evaluation software allows you to operate the form measuring system and perform automatic evaluations of the results. Operation of the system is simple and intuitive, thus allowing you to start your measurement runs after a brief instruction. The software even corrects inclinations and eccentricities automatically. This eliminates the need for manual alignment during production, which in turn saves you both time and resources.


  • Extremely fast: Measures cylinder bores in a matter of seconds.
  • Precise: Exact and reliable determination of measured data.
  • Flexible application: Rapid adaption to different bore diameters.
  • Time-saving: Immediately ready for operation since no manual alignment is necessary.
  • Simple operation: Intuitive control of the measuring system with our INCOWIN software.


  • Automotive industry: Form measurement of cylinder bores in engine production.

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