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Formline Incometer VS: form measuring system for small cylinder bores

The Incometer VS measures and analyzes cylinder distortion of small engines, for example, in two-stroke engines and cooling system compressors.

Formline incometer - Measuring systems for form and roundness measurement in cylinder bores

The Incometer VS was developed specifically for the detailed analytical inspection of the cylinder bores in small engines. It is based on the incometer V and supplies quick, accurate and reliable measured data on cylinder distortion and wear. With a diameter range of 39 to 100mm, you can use the device for many different engine types. This includes two-stroke engines, for example, which are used in small motorcycles but also in agricultural and forestry equipment.

Thanks to the scanning measuring method, with up to 14,400 points per layer and up to 40 layers, you are rapidly provided with high-precision results. Inclinations and eccentricities of the probe relative to the bore are automatically corrected by the software, thus saving you both time and resources.

The measuring system is extremely compact and robust, allowing it to be used both for research and development in measuring rooms as well as directly in production. You operate the system by means of our user-friendly Incowin control and evaluation software. The menu guidance is clear and easily comprehensible, thus enabling simple and intuitive operation on the part of your employees. They do not require any elaborate training, but are instead able to start their measurements after a brief instruction.


  • Fast measurements: Shortest measuring times on the market thanks to scanning measuring method and sophisticated system.
  • Precise: Accurate determination of measured data.
  • Flexible application: Compact, mobile device for use in research, development and production.
  • Time-saving: Self-adjustment negates need for elaborate alignment.
  • Simple operation: Intuitive operation of the measuring system with our INCOWIN evaluation and measurement software.


  • Automotive industry: Form measurement of cylinder bores in small engines, such as two-stroke engines, cooling system compressors or brake systems.

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