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Formline F50: user-friendly, compact form measuring instrument for small to medium workpieces

Roundness measurements during production guarantee the creation of standard-compliant components of the highest quality.

Hommel-Etamic F135 und F155 - Automated measurement

The Formline F50 measuring system is ideal for measuring the roundness of your workpieces. The compact table-top unit is extremely robust and durable, making it suitable for even the harshest industrial production environments. The air bearing of the C axis is wear-free, thus ensuring consistently high measuring accuracy. As a result, the measuring instrument enables high-precision quality control of your components at all times.

The roundness measurement system is extremely user-friendly and very easy to operate. To document the quality of your production output, you can create professional print forms at the end of the measurement run.

You can use the F50 form measuring instrument for a wide range of measurement tasks. The measurement force and measuring range of the probes can be individually adapted to your workpieces. And when checking the roundness of complex components, you simply install the FS1 tilt arm in order to utilize variable probing positions.


    • Compact and robust table-top unit: Ideal for use in production.
    • Accurate: High-precision rotary table mounted on air bearing (150 mm diameter).
    • Flexible: Individual adjustment of measurement force and range of probes.
    • Powerful software: Quick and simple operation of system.


  • Automotive industry: Roundness measurement of workpieces.

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