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Spindle measuring machines from Jenoptik: measuring systems for large and heavy workpieces

The measuring systems are fully automatic, thus enabling accurate measurements of workpieces with a large circumference.

Spindle Measuring Machines

Hommel-Etamic FMS8200 guarantees consistently accurate results

Spindle Measuring Machines

You use Jenoptik Formline spindle measuring machines when inspecting particularly large and heavy workpieces. They can also be used to measure at different positions on the X-Y plane, whereby the measured values can be related to one another. The measuring system is equipped with a rotating probing system and an X-Y table for positioning. The workpiece is centered and leveled automatically.

The X-Y axes have long measurement ranges and trace widths, thus facilitating the workpiece loading. The spindle measuring machines operate with utmost efficiency. The measuring times are short and users can easily create measuring programs. The machines feature a robust construction that is able to withstand even the harshest manufacturing conditions.


  • Fully automatic: Spindle measuring principle with rotating probing system.
  • Efficient: Short measuring time, simple measuring program creation and robust machine construction.
  • Universal: Suitable for large workpieces with complex measuring tasks.


  • Automotive industry: Measuring system for cylinder heads, engine blocks, large bushings, transmission housings, crankshafts, large-bore pistons etc.

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