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Movoline DM400: Digital measuring head for measuring smooth outside diameters

The DM400 digital measuring head enables you to check the quality of your workpieces during production.

Hommel-Movomatic DM400 - Guarantees the high quality of your components

The Hommel-Movomatic DM400 digital measuring head determines the outside diameter of smooth surfaces with high precision. The device was developed specifically for medium and large workpieces in large-scale production. The diameter of the components can range from 5 to 80 mm. The measuring head can be used both for final quality control at the end of the production process and for measurements directly during production.

The DM400 is extremely compact and robust and can easily be enclosed in a single housing. This ensures a high level of mechanical and thermal stability. As an additional safeguard for the measuring head, probe arms and workpiece, you can also equip the measuring head with a crash protection system. This prevents any damage to the component or machine in the case of impact. The digital data transmission is interference-free and absolutely reliable, thus ensuring consistently high measurement accuracy.


  • High precision: Guarantees the high quality of your components.
  • No interference: Measured data is transferred digitally thus eliminating interference and maximizing reliability.
  • Crash protection system: Protects metrology and workpiece against damage.
  • Compact: Suitable for use in production.
  • Simple installation: Control electronics connected via a single cable.


  • Cylindrical grinding machines: Measurement of smooth outside diameters.

Product preview

Technical data

Workpiece diameter

Ø 5 to 80 mm*

Measuring range

±500 µm

Sensitivity error

< 1%

Repeatability 6s under standard conditions

< 0.2 µm

Thermal deviation relative to steel 11 x 10-6 / °K

< 0.1 µm / °K

Standard measurement force across full measuring range of ± 500 µm

1.5 N / ±20%

Mechanical stop

Protection class acc. to IEC 60529

Type of measured value transfer

Fixed stop in -500 µm position


CAN bus

*expandable with special accessories


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