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Movoline ES400 multifunctional measurement control system

The ES400 measuring and control instrument supplies precise measured data – both during in-processes as well as in pre- and post-processes.

Hommel-Movomatic ES400 - multifunctional measurement control system

You can use the ES400 measurement control system for demanding measurements throughout the entire production process. The measuring and control instrument delivers precise measurement results in real time while processing a workpiece. You can also use it before and after production, for example, for match grinding and for quality control. This allows you to create standard-compliant workpieces of consistently high quality. The device is well suited for standard measurements such as diameter and length as well as for application-specific measurement tasks such as cylinder correction.

The ES400 instrument range comprises a control unit and a front plate assembly. You can use the control unit either as an assembly in the switch cabinet of the machine or integrate it in a 19" rack. The front plate assembly can be installed either separately from the control unit or in the same 19" rack.

You can connect four measuring heads to the measurement control system, while the device can be expanded to accommodate up to eight heads. The Hommel-Movomatic digital measuring heads are ideally suited for this purpose. We also offer standard or customer-specific software tailored to the devices.


  • Precise: Utmost accuracy and process reliability even with minimal workpiece tolerances.
  • Reliable: Compact device for use in production.
  • Flexible: Table housing, 19" built-in version and remote panel versions available.
  • Application-specific: Simple adaptation to different measuring requirements.


  • Automotive industry: Match grinding and surface grinding.

Technical data

Power supply


85 VAC to 255 VAC, 50 Hz to 60 Hz

or 24 VDC

Sensor inputs for Jenoptik HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC measuring heads


Number: 4 inductive and/or capacitive inputs or 8 digital inputs

Measuring range:

±200 μm to ±2000 μm (capacitive/inductive)

±250 μm to ±2000 μm (digital)

Resolution: 0.025 μm to 1 μm

DC inputs (option)

Number: 4

Voltage range: 4 to 20 mA or ±10 VDC

Input/output for switching

measuring probe (C25)


Type: normally open contact (either NO or NC)

Switching voltage: ±50 VDC (max)

Switching current: < 40 mA

Switching delay: < 10 μs

Control outputs


Number: 32

Type: 24 VDC, 10 mA (optocoupler)

Common: 0 VDC


Control outputs


Number: 26 (of which 16 usable as BCD outputs)

Type: 24 VDC, 100 mA (optocoupler)

Common: 24 VDC

Analog outputs (option)


Number: 2


Voltage range: ±10 VDC

Resolution: 5 mV


Serial interface

RS232, 9-pin D-sub connector, configurable formats


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