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Hommel-Movomatic DM405: Digital measuring head for medium and large workpieces

You can use the DM405 digital measuring head both directly during the manufacturing process and during quality control at the end of production.

Hommel-Movomatic DM400 - Guarantees the high quality of your components

The digital measuring head allows you determine the outside diameter of smooth and discontinuous workpiece surfaces. The DM405 was developed specifically for medium and large components in large-scale production. All functions of the measuring head can be integrated in a single housing.

This not only facilitates installation and maintenance but also guarantees a high level of mechanical and thermal stability.

The measuring head is also extremely robust and is able to withstand even the harshest conditions in tough industrial production environments. You can also equip the measuring head with an optional crash protection system, which offers effective impact protection for the measuring head, probe arms and workpiece. This prevents any downtimes of the grinding machine and interruptions to your production.

The measuring head is suitable for universal application and checks workpieces with diameters of 5 to 80 mm. The DM405 can be used both for in-process and post-process measurements. The measurement results are transmitted digitally, meaning that the data transfer can take place without interference, and independently of the line length. A single CAN bus cable is sufficient to operate the measuring head.


  • Reliable: digital data transfer
  • Universal application: suitable for in-process and post-process measurements
  • Stable: install the entire measuring system in a single housing
  • Damage protection: crash protection system for measuring head, probe arms and workpiece


  • Cylindrical grinding machines: measurement of outside diameters of medium and large workpieces

Product preview

Technical data

Workpiece diameter

Ø 5 to 80 mm*

Measuring range

±500 µm

Sensitivity error

< 1%

Repeatability 6s under standard conditions

< 0.2 µm

Thermal deviation relative to steel 11 x 10-6 / °K

< 0.1 µm / °K

Standard measurement force across full measuring range of ± 500 µm

1.5 N / ±20%

Mechanical stop

Protection class acc. to IEC 60529

Type of measured value transfer

Fixed stop in -500 µm position


Digital serial bus

*expandable with special accessories


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