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The Hommel-Etamic FMS8200 measuring system: ideal for determining form and position tolerances on large workpieces

With five measuring axes, two alignment axes and a rotating probe arm, the Formline FMS8200 is the perfect measuring system for large workpieces.

Hommel-Etamic FMS8200 - Ideal for determining form and position tolerances on large workpieces

The Formline FMS8200 measuring system, with its rotation measuring probe and five measuring axes, automatically determines all form and position tolerances on large, heavy workpieces. This system is ideally suited for measuring engine blocks, cylinder heads, large bushings, transmission housings, crankshafts and large-bore pistons. The axes are mounted on air bearings and are virtually wear-free, thus guaranteeing consistently accurate measurement results in daily application.

The rotating measuring probe adapts to the diameter of the component, while five measuring axes, two alignment axes and an optional movement axis enable straightforward examination of workpieces with a high measuring volume. The measuring system is equipped with collision protection, thus preventing any damage to the component or the machine. This in turn prohibits excessive wear of your measuring instrument in daily use.

To facilitate the workpiece changing process, the axes feature long measurement ranges and trace widths. The mobile operating terminal assists with the setup and execution of measuring tasks.


  • Automatic measurement: Guarantees consistently accurate results.
  • Durable: Comprehensive collision protection prevents damage.
  • Flexible: Scanning direction switches automatically and enables different measurements.


  • Automotive industry: Measurement of cylinder heads, engine blocks, large bushings, transmission housings, crankshafts, large-bore pistons etc.

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