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Waveline Wavemove: Fully Automated Measurement of Large Workpieces

The Wavemove measuring instrument allows you to simultaneously measure the contours and roughness of your cubic or wave-shaped workpieces.

Hommel-Etamic wavemove - Fully Automated Measurement of Large Workpieces

The Waveline Wavemove measuring systems allow individual, CNC-controlled, fully automated roughness and contour measurements to be performed directly at the production line. Up to eight independent CNC axes position the workpiece and measuring system at all required measurement positions, ensuring precise measurement of all necessary features— fully automated without any operator intervention.

Workpiece-specific fixing devices make it easier to load and unload workpieces. If required, the workpieces can be automatically identified and assigned to the quality data.

These measuring systems are particularly suitable for the measurement of crank shafts, cylinder heads and cylinder blocks. Thanks to the robust design and the optional safety equipment, the measuring systems can be operated in the production environment itself. Small quality control loops and fully automated measurement runs allow you to take the lead in quality management.


  • Efficient: Combined roughness and contour measurement
  • Fully automatic: Multi-axis CNC control ensures high level of automation
  • Robust: Measuring systems also suitable for tough production conditions
  • Modular: System can be individually tailored to your specific requirements


  • Automotive industry: Combined contour and roughness measurement of your workpieces

Application Example

Customized and fully automatic

Wavemove Hommel Etamic Measuring Station

If you have specific requirements, then we have the right metrological solution. We can give you a specific example to show you how this solution might look. Our client from the automotive industry commissioned us to configure a fully automatic roughness and contour measuring station for the measurement of its cylinder heads.

Requirements of the measuring station  

  • Random sample measurement in the measuring room close to production area
  • Loading of the measuring station via existing overhead crane
  • Fully automatic measurement and evaluation of the defined roughness and contour characteristics on cylinder heads, including valve seat
  • Measuring run in a single clamping operation in compliance with the specified cycle time
  • No retrofitting of the probing systems
  • Low employee involvement thanks to automated processes
  • Compliance with the space restrictions at the installation site
  • Safety equipment for safe measurement runs (for operator and component)

Wavemove Hommel Etamic

Solution — The Waveline Wavemove

With up to eight fully automatic movable axes, the Waveline Wavemove can accommodate as many measuring points as required and measure both roughness and contours in a single measuring run. The high degree of flexibility in the positioning of all axes means that the probes can access almost any point on the workpiece.

Optimally adapted: Measuring station configuration in accordance with the local specifications

  • Adapting the measurement set-up to local conditions:
    • Compliance with the maximum floor space and height
    • Extremely low design allows the loading of the measuring station via the overhead crane at the specified installation height
  • Measurement layout on the granite plate is adjusted for the measuring tasks
  • Ergonomic layout with enclosure for PC, control system and accessories
  • Wavecontrol joystick control panel for a simple and secure approach to the measuring position with a view of the workpiece
  • Swiveling workpiece holder (B-axis) for fully automatic measurement of the edges and radii of the valve seat
  • Active level control with integrated vibration damping for compensation of common building vibrations
  • Eight CNC-controlled axes with high levels of positioning accuracy to control any number of measuring positions
  • Integrated storage for safe retention of the roughness and contour standards

Clear assignment for clear measurements: Roughness and contour probing systems with integrated probe arm detection

  • Probe arm detection via RFID technology with automatic assignment of the measuring task
  • Enables reliable measuring runs, as unintentional manipulations and unwanted collisions are avoided
  • No retrofitting of the probing systems, roughness and contour probes are operated in parallel
  • Sophisticated layout for the exclusion of interference contours during roughness measurement

Hommel-Etamic wavemove - Automatic identification of components

Secure processes with automatic identification of components: Clamping device with integrated scanning.

  • Specially developed clamping system for holding the cylinder heads mounted on adapter plates
  • Secure fixing of the component to the mounting plate: Clamping and release only possible in 0° position so that injuries or damage to machines or parts are ruled out
  • Automatic clamping of the component
  • Automatic detection of the workpiece via RFID code (e.g. type and processing level) in the adapter plate, so the component can be clearly assigned to a measuring program

Technical data

Typical Crank Shaft Measurement Tasks

  • Roughness measurement of contact surfaces, and main and pin bearings
  • Contour measurement: crowning of groove radii, main and pin bearings
  • Twist measurement on sealing surfaces

 Typical Cam Shaft Measurement Tasks

  • Roughness measurement of bearing points, grooves and on the cams
  • Waviness measurement of cams or chatter marks

 Typical Cylinder Block Measurement Tasks

  • Roughness measurement of crank shaft bearing points
  • Roughness and waviness measurement on sealing surfaces
  • Roughness measurement in cylinder bores


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