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Service, Training & Support

Our services range from complete solutions for different measuring tasks such as the inspection of surface and form as well as determining dimensions, throughout every phase of the production process including final inspection or in the metrology lab.

Services around the world

Service, Training, Support

Target-oriented services

Wherever total precision is required in industrial production we are the ideal partner offering state-of-the-art measuring systems. Our goal is to deliver the best possible support at all times — from the initial inquiry, through the implementation of our service package for safeguarding your productivity.

We compile an individualized package of services for you selected from our extensive range of services and then optimize it to ensure it meets your specifications. 

Many manufacturers around the world already have confidence in our experience as we not only offer innovative and high-precision measuring systems but also comprehensive support and individual analyses.


Upgrade your measurement systems to Windows 10

Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows 7 from January 15, 2020. Upgrading your operating system to Windows 10 may cause problems with your instruments. Therefore, your measurement software should be updated as well.

We offer you attractive upgrade packages on the Windows 10 operating system. As a result, you benefit from new functions and increase the security of your systems.

  • New measuring computer with Windows 10
  • New electronics
  • Current software
  • Higher data security
  • Extension of the service life
  • Investment security
  • Upgrade for roughness and countour measuring systems, form measuring systems and optical shaft measuring systems

We help you to update your measuring system to Windows 10. Read more.

Services worldwide


Transferring knowledge

We transfer our know-how to you

Reliable and traceable quality control allows for optimization of your production processes. We train your staff in proper handling of the measuring systems and show how to productively evaluate measurement results.


  • Extensive training available on measurement basics, operation, and programming
  • Available on-site or at one of our facilities
  • Standard or individual training
  • Qualified instructors

How you benefit:

  • Skilled employees who have comprehensive knowledge of your measuring systems
  • Clear conclusions regarding production quality
  • Maximally efficient, utilization of your measuring system

Start-up support

  • On-site experts provide active user support during the necessary start-up phase

How you benefit:

  • Knowledgeable support throughout the initial phase

Application studies

  • Development of an optimized measurement strategy, incorporating a measuring system, clamping device and measuring program
  • Test measurements

How you benefit:

  • Ensures that you receive the measuring system that is most suited to your needs

Resident engineer

  • Qualified technician on site

How you benefit:

  • Optimized support taking into consideration local factors
  • On-site optimization of the measuring system
  • Direct response


Improving performance

Improved performance due to the efficient use of measuring instruments

We work in close partnership with you to develop concepts that enable you to use existing measuring equipment as efficiently as possible. The modernization of a measuring system not only safeguards previous investments but also ensures that measurements are always performed in line with current metrology standards.

Software updates and upgrades

  • Update or upgrade of existing software
  • How you benefit:

      • Measurements are always in line with current standards
      • Improvements in new software versions ensure more efficient and economical work processes
      • Additional functions


      • Replacement and upgrade of components
      • Implementation of new measurement strategies
      • Process optimization
      • Reduction in cycle times
      • How you benefit:

        • Investment security
        • Improved sequences

      Measuring program generation

      • Generation of (CNC) measuring programs

      How you benefit:

      • Time saved during development
      • Measuring program offering process reliability
      • Optimized program flow

      Retrofitting and extension

      • Adjustments to existing systems to meet new requirements
      • Replacement of components
      • Construction of new workpiece carriers
      • How you benefit:

          • Investment security
          • Improved sequences
          • Extended life cycle


Ensuring availability

Ensuring availability of your measuring system through our preventative and response maintenance based services

To enable continuous availability of your measuring system and consistent measurement quality over its life cycle, we offer a wide range of both response and preventative maintenance based services.

Maintenance and calibration of measuring systems

  • Preventative maintenance and calibration
  • Inspection and replacement of components
  • Available on-site or at one of our facilities
  • Calibration in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10012
  • Documentation for your test equipment monitoring

How you benefit:

  • Maximizes machine uptime
  • Manageable maintenance costs
  • Capabilities of measuring equipment assured
  • Reduces wear and tear and increases life cycle

Remote service (teleservice)

  • Problems solved via teleservice connection
  • Diagnostics and fault correction
  • Testing and correction of device settings

How you benefit:

  • Fast response time
  • Cost-effective as on-site appointments not required

Help desk

  • Problems solved via telephone

How you benefit:

  • Fast and cost-effective assistance

Calibration of standards

  • DAkkS-DKD accredited calibration laboratory
  • DAkkS-DKD calibration certificates for roughness, contour and form standards
  • Factory calibration certificates for parameters without accreditation

How you benefit:

  • Capabilities of measuring equipment guaranteed

Repairs (technical service)

  • Global service network
  • Individual service-level contracts
  • On-site repair of the measuring system
  • Repairs at the factory for mobile measuring instruments, components and probe systems

How you benefit:

  • Fast response time
  • Cost-effective repair service at the factory

Spare parts and probe replacement service

  • Replacement plan for standard probes

How you benefit:

  • Best suited spare parts
  • No long waiting times


Metrological services

Measurement support

To ensure you can concentrate on the most important day-to-day business, we offer a wide range of metrological services that provide professional assistance for specific requirements and help you to adapt to new situations with minimum effort.

Relocation service

  • Tailored package: condition analysis, dismantling, packaging of the measuring system and securing for transport, as well as installation, commissioning and calibration at the target destination
  • Transport also available if required

How you benefit:

  • Maximum security for sensitive measuring systems during relocation
  • Proper operation of systems following relocation

Returns and recycling

  • Trade in usable systems

How you benefit:

  • Cost benefit when purchasing a new device


  • Finance or lease a measuring system

How you benefit:

  • Save on expensive purchases for one-off or specific measurements

Used systems

  • Reconditioned used systems

How you benefit:

  • Cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new device

DAkkS-DKD accreditation

Our DAkkS-DKD accreditation includes the dimensional variables roughness, form deviation, contour and roughness measurement instruments.

DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory

Monitoring the deployed measuring systems for optimal measurement accuracy on a continuous basis is extremely important for consistent quality assurance, as meaningful and correct results can only be generated if the measuring instruments are calibrated accordingly.

The high standard of our products and services is no coincidence: It is the result of a systematic approach to global quality management. Our production sites are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Stricter conditions regarding product liability drive both quality assurance and the requirement to prove that measuring and test equipment provide accurate results.

The accuracy can change unnoticed due to constant use and associated wear. The device must therefore be calibrated regularly using measurement calibration standards.

At our DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, vibration-proof and temperature controlled DAkkS-DKD calibration laboratory, we calibrate your delivered standards. This ensures direct tracing of the gaging components to the Federal Physical-Technical Institute (PTB, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) and guarantees measurements and calibrations at the highest technical standard for measuring.

If a standard cannot be calibrated, a new one can be obtained directly from our manufacturing facilities. Simple factory calibration certificates and test reports for non-accredited parameters are also available.

Please note: You can find the current DakkS-DKD Accreditation Certificate in the Download section below.

Inspection Standards

Surface Inspection Standards

Standards are specified in the DIN EN ISO 5436-1 standard

Standards are specified in the DIN EN ISO 5436-1 standard

In the profile method, the requirements placed on roughness measuring instruments are tough as they record roughness parameters of surfaces with a wide range of structures on different materials at a high level of accuracy.

The accuracy can change unnoticed due to constant use and the associated wear. In order to achieve meaningful and correct results, you therefore need to calibrate the measuring instruments on a regular basis using measurement calibration standards.

Due to the variety of measuring instruments and functions available, different standards are used. The properties of these standards are specified in the DIN EN ISO 5436-1 standard.

The most commonly used surface standards and their applications are listed in the table below.

Standards for Calibration and Adjustment of Contact Stylus Instruments in Accordance with DIN EN ISO 5436-1




Nominal Value/Output


Depth setting standard

Calibration and adjustment of the vertical magnification and repeatability of contact stylus instruments
Standard with grooves of varying depths with round or flat base



Stylus tip test standard

Checking and measuring the stylus tip for damage, wear and dimensional accuracy
Standard with high-precision profile geometry

Stylus tip status


Geometry roughness standard/
wavelength measurement standard

Calibration and adjustment of the vertical magnification, horizontal profile measurement, uniformity of the traverse unit function and transfer function of the contact stylus instrument
Standard with a periodic, regular profile structure with sinusoidal, triangular or trapezoidal shape

Ra, Rz, Rmax, RSm


Roughness standard

Calibration and adjustment of the contact stylus instrument
Can also be used to check the correct setting of the cut-off and the type of wave filter
Standard with aperiodic, irregular surface profile, based on practical experience and contains surface deviations, such as waviness and roughness with various amplitudes, wavelengths and phase changes

Ra, Rz, Rmax, Rk, Rpk, Rvk


Roughness standard

Calibration and adjustment of the contact stylus instrument
Standard with an aperiodic, irregular profile structure without interference from waviness or outliers (peaks) for parameters according to DIN EN 10049, which are measured using a two-skid probe

Ra, Rz, RPc

Standard for specific checks of contact stylus instruments



Nominal Value/Output

Optical flat

Checking the straightness of the traverse unit and the basic disturbances

Wt0, Rz0

Twist standard

Calibrating contact stylus instruments in order to determine twist parameters

DG, DP, Dt

How often a measuring instrument must be calibrated depends on the following factors:

  • How stable the ambient conditions are
  • Whether components in the instrument have been replaced
  • How often the instrument is used
  • Which requirements are placed on uncertainty
Calibration of the standards performed by a DAkkS-DKD calibration laboratory ensures that measuring equipment is directly supported by national standards set out by the PTB, guaranteeing that measurements are carried out in accordance with standards and within the framework of quality assurance. 



Please check here for our certificates and standard information.

Product Discontinuations

Following products are no longer available.

Formline incometer - Measuring systems for form and roundness measurement in cylinder bores

Formline Incometer

Our measuring systems are manufactured reliably and in consistently high quality over many years. Since we always want to offer you the best possible solution for your tasks, it is necessary that older devices are replaced by successor products after a long period of continuous availability.

  • Waveline Toposcan
  • Formline Incometer
  • Formline PTB Nockennormal

Updates, upgrades and accessories for existing toposcan and incometer systems are probably available for another 2 years. Service will be regular for 10 years after end of delivery guaranteed. Please also forward this information to the persons or departments in your company which are responsible for product discontinuation.

We thank you for the trust and look forward to continuing our cooperation with you.

Please contact us if you have any open questions!

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