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Silverline™ F-Theta Objective Lenses for High-Power and Short-Pulse Lasers

Solid quartz objective lenses offer minimal absorption and are ideal for high-power and short-pulse applications.

Silverline F-theta lens

Silverline™ F-theta objective lenses from Jenoptik have been specially developed for applications that use high-power and short-pulse lasers. They are solid quartz objective lenses that offer minimal absorption for extremely powerful lasers. The F-theta objective lenses in the Silverline™ series are available for applications from 1030 to 1080 nanometers, from 900 to 1100 nanometers and from 515 to 540 nanometers.

The objective lenses are diffraction-limited and provide a high level of image quality. They also offer a significantly higher damage threshold and a high spot consistency over the entire scanning range. The Silverline ™ objective lenses can handle a beam power of up to four kilowatts without active cooling. They guarantee a minimal focus shift for extremely powerful lasers. We offer the F-theta objective lenses as a standard selection or can adapt them to meet your exact requirements.

The new F-theta Silverline™ lens 170-355-140 in the wavelength-range of 355 nm. It has a maximum telecentric angle of just 4.9 degrees and a highly homogeneous spot size distribution across the whole of the 100 x 100 mm work area. This large processing area, in combination with the diffraction-limited image quality, allows for increased throughput in comparison with standard lenses available on the market. We can ensure the level of precision necessary here by means of the high-quality optics employed, a new patented mounting technology.

Each objective lens undergoes a standardized application testing procedure. This guarantees highly consistent optical properties throughout series production.


  • Extremely durable: Thanks to special, low-contamination mounting technology, avoidance of adhesive and lubricant and assembly in a certified cleanroom
  • Highly precise
  • Efficient: No active cooling required at a beam power of up to four kilowatts
  • Customized: Available as a standard selection or adapted to your individual requirements
  • Series stability: Comprehensive testing guarantees replaceability in the field

Fields of Application

  • Automotive industry: E.g. industrial production of components
  • Medical technology: E.g. objective lenses for focusing and redirecting laser beams in ophthalmology
  • Solar cell manufacturing: E.g. optics for edge removal and P1, P2 and P3 structuring
  • Semiconductor manufacturing: E.g. marking semiconductor chips
  • General applications: E.g. glass machining, battery welding

Product Overview

Silverline™ F-Theta-Objective Lens Wavelength Order Number PDF
 160-1030...1080-110***  1030...1080 nm  017700-025-26 Data Sheet
 255-1030...1080-160***  1030...1080 nm  017700-026-26 Data Sheet
 03-70FT-100-355  355 nm  017700-402-26 Data Sheet
 03-431FT-511-355  355 nm  017700-405-26 Data Sheet
 255-355-240  355 nm  017700-406-26 Data Sheet
 170-355-140*  355 nm  586840 Data Sheet
 03-71FT-103-266  266 nm  017700-601-26 Data Sheet

JENar™:Trademark registered in EU, CN, JP, SG  |  Silverline™:Trademark registered in DE, JP, SG
F-Theta: Registered Design in EU, CN, KR, IN, SG  |  Utility models in DE, CN, KR  | 
              Patent in US, CN: US8879171B2, US9442272B2, CN103323932

* F-Theta 170-355-140: Registered Design in DE, 40 2016 000 911.4  |  Design appl. pending for CN, EU, JP, KR, SG, HK, IN, TW
               Patent pending DE 10 2016 008 176.7  |  Utility patent DE 20 2016 004 165.8
***Registered / pending - Utility patents - in DE, CN, KR  |  Patent pending DE 10 2016 008 176.7


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