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Jenoptik’s high performance factory lighting ensures optimum illumination

Our industrial lighting offers maximum efficiency, service life and performance.

JENOPTIK RayLance - front view

You can use our high quality LED industrial lighting for optimal lighting conditions in demanding industrial applications and high commercial spaces such as warehouses, logistics halls, production halls and sports halls, as well as in high-bay storage areas. Key benefits of Jenoptik’s LED industrial lighting are even and homogeneous light levels in all areas, together with minimum glare.

The high performance and energy-efficient JENOPTIK® RayLance hall lighting system combines light source, optics, sensor systems and electronics to provide an outstanding lighting solution. Thanks to the specially developed, high quality beam-shaping frontal lens systems, the light is directed very precisely to the illuminated area, achieving optimal lighting in your company’s industrial space.

With 140 lumens per watt and a service life of 100,000 hours, the LED industrial lighting achieves not only excellent light yields but also an exceptionally long service life with low heat generation and power consumption. This allows you to reduce significantly the number of LED lights installed in your industrial space and means that you need to replace them far less frequently than conventional lighting units. This saves you costs in the long term.

You will find JENOPTIK® RayLance available with different beam angles according to requirements, at a color temperature of 5000 K. You have the option of fitting out your LED industrial lighting with dimmable individual light management, using 1–10 volt or smart DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) control systems to switch the lighting in your hall automatically according to need and the situation. All of Jenoptik’s LED hall lighting products meet the IP66 standard of protection.

We are delighted to provide support for you in light planning, so that your hall lighting corresponds precisely to your wishes and requirements.

Our experts are on hand from the design stage through to implementation:

  • Consultation: After meeting with you on site or analyzing the information provided, we work with you to ascertain the benefits and options available for your customized industrial lighting
  • Planning: We develop a non-binding lighting plan for your hall tailored to your specific situation
  • Profitability analysis: We also determine the costs that you could save by investing in LED lamps. We compare the energy consumption, service life and maintenance costs with that of your current lamps
  • Test installation: We would be happy to demonstrate how our LED high-bay luminaires work at your facility. This will allow you to determine immediately whether the lighting conditions are suitable
  • Implementation: If you decide to use our industrial lighting, we will take care of the assembly for you if required


  • Powerful: High light output
  • Energy-efficient: Low energy consumption and long service life
  • Reliable: Low maintenance
  • Long-term: Jenoptik ensures high supplier reliability
  • Cost-saving: Minimal payback time
  • Versatile use: Compact design and automatic control system
  • Comprehensive service: We offer expert support from planning through to implementation

Fields of Application

  • Production halls
  • Warehouses
  • High-bay warehouses
  • Logistics halls
  • Sorting depots
  • Cold stores
  • Sports halls
  • Car parks
  • Agriculture

Product preview

Light Planning


References to LED high rack and hall lamps

  • Production hall of JENOPTIK Polymer Systems GmbH in Triptis
  • Storage hall of NORDFROST GmbH & Co. KG in Duisburg
  • mkf Maschinen und Systeme GmbH in Lederhose
  • Gas stations in Dannstadt (Raum Stuttgart)
  • Production hall Photonic Sense GmbH in Eisenach
  • Edgar Blumenröther OHG in Triptis - Kühllogistik

Jenoptik LED high rack and hall lamps
Jenoptik LED high rack and hall lamps
Jenoptik LED high rack and hall lamps
Jenoptik LED high rack and hall lamps



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