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Jumbo Power-LED VIS

Jumbo® LEDs from Jenoptik, optical performance of up to one watt, can be used flexibly, perform in harsh environmental conditions


Product feature

  • Wavelength: 625nm
  • Forward current: 1000mA
  • Forward voltage: 2,6 V @  350 mA
  • Luminous intensity: 1200cd

elj-625-618-2 (PDF | 0,17 MB)

The Jumbo® LED series in the visible spectral range comes in a compact design that also offers a high power density and long service life. The standard M10 thread makes it easier to connect to a heat sink. The various beam angles enable optimal adjustment of the level of illumination in a particular setting.

This series from Jenoptik is compliant with protection class IPX6 and is optimized for use in tough ambient conditions. That makes it ideal for effect lighting on buildings or in museums. You can easily achieve illumination ranges of up to 100 m. Its fine spectral calibration means the Jumbo® LED series is also effective when used in medical technology or in greenhouses.


  • Highly efficient: Achieves illumination ranges of up to 100 meters with an optical performance of up to one watt.
  • Compact: Can be used in the smallest of spaces and in inaccessible locations.
  • Robust and reliable: Lighting even in harsh environmental conditions and every kind of weather.
  • Protected against splash water: Complies with protection classes IP54 and IP66.
  • Long service life: 50,000 hours operating time is typical.
  • Flexible: Customer-specific colors and wavelengths.

Fields of Application

  • Industry: White or colored lighting for indoor and outdoor spaces, machine vision.
  • Security technology: Infrared object lighting.
  • Entertainment: Light shows or lighting effects.
  • Technical lighting: For inside and outside, e.g. for interior design, camera lighting in adverse conditions or improving plant growth in greenhouses
  • Medicine: Light therapy.

Product Variants

Wavelength in nmForward current in mAForward voltage in V @ mALuminous intensity in cdProduct name / data sheet
45010003,2  @  350 850 ELJ-450-618-2
45010002,5  @  350 300 ELJ-450-638-2
52010003,7  @  350 1850 ELJ-520-618-2
52010003,7  @  350 890 ELJ-520-628-2
62510002,6  @  350 1200 ELJ-625-618-2
62510002,6 @  350450 ELJ-625-638-2
cold white 10003,2 @ 3502300 ELJ-CW70-618-2
cold white 15003,35 @ 3501350 ELJ-CW70-639-2

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