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Photodiodes VIS 3mm

Jenoptik Photodiodes VIS 3mm


Product feature

  • Wavelength: 660nm
  • Active area: 0,9mm
  • Responsivity: 1,05A/W
  • Dark current: 20pA

EPD660309-2 (PDF | 0,16 MB)

The photo diodes in the visible spectral range are available in hermetically sealed housings as well as in SMD and 3 or 5-mm housings. The spectral sensitivity is calibrated to usable LED types, so you can perform narrowband absorption measurements without the need for additional filters.

Our photo diodes allow you to achieve a high signal-to-noise ratio despite extraneous light, as well as excellent capture dynamics even at high temperatures. That means they can be used in particle detection, as a monitor diode or for determining blood parameters in medical technology.


  • Secure: high sensitivity and interference-free signal transfer
  • Reliable: optimum suppression of undesired spectral ranges
  • Stable: minimal changes to the photocurrent over an extended period, reliable operation even at high temperatures thanks to high signal-to-noise ratio
  • Cost-saving: no need for additional spectral filters

Fields of Application

  • Automotive industry: for rain sensors, lane departure warning systems, digital data transmission in vehicles
  • Traffic safety: for daylight/tunnel sensors
  • Medical technology: for diagnosis and therapy, e.g for fluorescence analyses, blood tests
  • Security technology: for spectrally selective light barriers
  • Metrology: measurement and monitoring of optical radiation sources, e.g. flame detection and water disinfection

Product Variants

Wavelength in nmActive area in mmResponsivity in A/WDark current in pAProduct name / data sheet
470 EPD-470-3-0.5
5250,500,35,0 EPD-525-3-0.5
525 EPD-525-3-0.9
6600,91,0520 EPD-660-3-0.9-2


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