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Standard LED IR SMD

Jenoptik Photodiodes LED long-lasting efficient low-interference high-performance
Jenoptik offers standard LEDs in the infrared range in different designs, such as Standard Epoxy 3 and 5 mm, TO housings and SMDs. This allows optimal integration into your application. They are available with a wide range of wavelengths. We will fine-tune these wavelengths to your application, such as for detecting bottles with a refundable deposit. The LEDs can also be combined with our selective photo diodes for an optimal solution.


  • Reliable: low-noise, efficient
  • Stable: long service life and minimal parameter fluctuations
  • Flexible: simple integration into existing systems
  • Versatile: suitable for various optoelectronic applications
  • Customer-specific: adaptable to your individual requirements, integration of transmitters and receivers to build modules

Fields of Application

  • Medical technology: Diagnostics, Therapy
  • Photo technology: Camera lighting, Display chips
  • Automation technology: Point source
  • Security technology: Sensors, Spotlight