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Point source UV Chip

Jenoptik LED UV point source high-precision


Product feature

  • Wavelength: 365nm
  • Pointsource diameter: 100µm
  • Radiation intensity: -
  • Radiation power: -
  • Radiation angle: -
  • Switching time: <30ns

elc-365-39-100-1 (PDF | 0,07 MB)

Our UV point sources are available with a point diameter of 60 µm or 100 µm with an emission wavelength of 360 nm. They offer precise collimation of the radiation along with a high power density focus. Our UV point sources are equipped with fully collimating optics and are ideal for sensor-based applications involving medical devices, such as for blood analysis and fluorescence microscopy.


  •  High-precision: sharply defined and evenly illuminated reflection of the emission area.
  • Impressive performance: high radiant intensity with the aid of simple optics
  • Cost-saving: thanks to minimal power consumption, resulting in long battery life
  • Mobile use: compact design for applications with limited space
  • Individual: wide range of point diameters available; development of custom solutions also possible

Fields of Application

  • Electronics industry: substitution of VCSEL semiconductor lasers
  • Medical technology: for blood analysis, fluorescence microscopy and analytics
  • Security technology: as sights and light barriers
  • Metrology: distance measurement
  • Automation: beam barriers and rotary encoders

Product versions

Wavelength in nmPointsource diameter in µmRadiation intensity in mW/srRadiation power in mW @ mARadiation angle in °Switching time in nsProduct name / data sheet
36560<45 ELC-365-39-060-1
365100<30 ELC-365-39-100-1

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